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The Arms of Newcourt
Vassal of Bowcourt, (formerly a vassal of Foxcourt)
Status Coronet Barony
Location East & North-east of Foxcourt, North of Faircourt
Geography Rolling hills, rugged highlands, and forested foothills of the Alfheim Mountains.
Major Towns
Newcourt, Town of (8,800)




4% (mostly urban)

Meat, Wool, Timer, Metals
Grain, Cloth


The name is a common corruption of the Lalange Nuit Coeur (loosely tr. as Heart of Darkness). The area has a very poor reputation; many strange beasts are said to inhabit the mountainous areas.

Much of the population is more backwoods than other areas of the baronies and tend to be suspicious of strangers. While many people from Newcourt are cosmopoliton and accepting of magic and other oddities, the further into the hill country you get the less accepting people become, until in the high valleys the people will be naturally distrustfull of strangers and have a good solid dislike of magic. The furthest of these villages is that of D'arbres, hidden in a high valley (even the local Baron of Newcourt was unaware it existed). It has since been deeded to Sir Christopher Reynard.

Places of Interest

Newcourt boasts one major town (of the same name) with a population a bit under 9,000, and several towns. The baronial seat is at Newcastle, a few miles NE of Newcourt (Town).

As with the neighbouring (and oft-times unfriendly) Barony of Faircourt, Newcourt is unusually large and powerful for a barony, being closer in power to a county in much of Western Alusia.

Unified Church of the Western Kingdom presence

  • The Dragon of St Michael branch of the Michaeline order have a chapter house a few miles from Newcastle. The members of this chapter house call it the Abbey of the Clerics Regular of the Sword of St Michael. They are led by the capable Abbot Boniface, a hard man used to the local politics and devoted to the Michaeline way of life and humility.

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