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Wings of Air

(Air T-5)
Aurora has been given the Talent 'Wings of Air', by Storm, an elemental force on the Plane of Air. She is able to create Wings out of air which are effectively invisible to normal people.

She can move at TMR 5+rank on these wings or fly at 30+rank mph. At Rank 6 she is able to hover and perform complex actions like casting.

BC: 50% + 5/rank
EM: 150

Acceptance of Lust

This Talent enables Aurora to accept her sexual lusts and those of others towards her, as natural and fulfilling. Should she take the initiative to meet these desires with a bedfellow then she acts as if she is a Courtier skilled in Seduction - her Rank in Courtier is two higher than it is (minimum rank 6) for the purposes of seduction.

Pixie Prank Talent

(Fae T-5)
Range: 20 + 5/r feet
'Duration: Special (5 + 5/rank minutes max unless otherwise stated)
Experience Multiplier: 200
Base Chance: 50%
Resistance: Active, Passive
Storage: Investment, Ward
Target: Entity

Effects: The Adept pranks any one target within range with a particular unpleasantness as listed below. The prank lasts until a General Knowledge Counterspell from any of the Thaumaturgy Colleges is cast over the afflicted entity, a Ritual of Remove Curse is employed, the duration expires, or, if applicable, the effect is cured by a healer of the appropriate Rank. If a Ritual of Remove Curse is employed, the Pixie Prank is considered a Minor Curse. A separate Counterspell or Ritual of Remove Curse must be used on each separate prank. Similar (or identical) Pixie Prank effects do not stack or queue.

The activation of this Talent requires eye contact and suitable words, and cannot be concealed although the Adept can hide or whisper. Some percularity of Fae Magic means that the words and gesticulations are normally audible or visible, at least in hindsight. ("Oh I heard someone whispering nasty things - I just assumed it was my imagination")

These pranks, may (GM’s discretion) cause a mage to lose concentration (as per Concentration p22).

Possible Pixie Pranks:

  • Itching
  • Tickling (1 min + 1/rank)
  • Sneezing (continuous number of sneezes / rank)
  • Hiccups
  • Hotfoot (once only)
  • Boil or wart (number = 1 + 1/rank)
  • Burp (once only)
  • Flatulence (once - the higher the rank, the smellier/noisier it is)
  • Drowsiness
  • Blink
  • Essence of Onion /Pepper (irritates the eyes, causing tears – 1 min + 1/rank)
  • Pratfall (once only)
  • Amusing Bodily Twitch
  • Pins and Needles
  • Limp
  • Stuttering
  • Bad Hair Day (1 hour + 1/rank)