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Starting a new character:

In DQ you can start a new character at any time. All you need is a GM to help you with character generation.
If you are looking for a character that is of a different race, or you would like to do something outside of the current Character Generation system you will need to contact a member of the Character Tribunal.

If it is your first character then please download and read the parts of the DQ Players Guide as you see fit.

Stuff you will need:

  • 2 X 10 sided dice
  • A note book
  • A blank character sheet (from the Players Guide)

If you are interested you can pick a background location to have come from one of the following areas:

The most important stat Confused by what to assign where? This tongue in cheek guide may help.

Colleges: The good the bad and the ugly A light hearted guide to why everyone should be a bard.

A note on levels

In general you need a reason to adventure.

You need a clear idea why your character will be able to work with other people. If you play a character that hates others or has strong views about others and does not trust or want to adventure with them – then this can often be harder to role-play.

Many people use a spreadsheet to help calculate the numbers and as an alternative to the paper version in the Players guide. Feel fre to use the DQ Community Character Sheet which is for this purpose.

More to come..