Network of Sin

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Network of Sin
GM: Jim Arona
Season: Winter 814 wk
Night: Thursday
Level: God - bothering

  • Aryan - played by Stephen Martin 95
  • Father Broc - played by Chis Caulfield 59
  • Flamis - played by Jacqui Smith 89
  • Grendel - played by Simon White
  • Kilroy - played by Dean Ellis 53
  • Mebh - played by Julia Johnson 25
  • Mordrin - played by Clare Baldock 58
  • Tari - played by Michelle Ellis 52
Damien - Prince of Demons

Hired to either

relieve the siege of The Keep of Faces, who are assaulted by Dantalion, the Duke of Faces.
attack Dantalion's House in Hell, wreak destruction and bear away as much loot as possible.

For those that have not yet, a draw from the Lord of Wands Deck of Many Things. For the others, by negotiation with Damien.

Scribe Notes

A Date, Research and Resources

Duesday 1st Frost

We meet with Damien in Seagate and talk over lunch at an outside table at Alphonse's. Dantalion, the Duke of Faces, is assaulting the Keep of Faces with 38 Legions of Hell, he would like to to either raise the siege or loot and Trash Dantalion's house while it's lightly defended. Mebh secures a Michaeline Scholar (who knew there was such a thing) to brief us but then accidentally gets him too drunk to string 3 words together.

While we're waiting for him to sober up I suggest to Damien and the others that we go deal with my little side-mission, bringing a cure to the mad The Lady of the Abyss.

A bit of spell casting, some refreshing drinks, then we're off to the Astral and then to the Abyss.

W'ansday 2nd Frost - Reapsday 5th Frost

Travelling through the Abyss with Damien we approach the Lady's house very quickly and after stripping down to some fancy clothes and demon-skin gloves I carry on alone. Two abysmal demons guard her house, they are surprised I want to enter but let me though. One of them we later learn is Omri, a 2-headed demon and coachman to the Lady of the Abyss.

The house looks run-down, dark spheres are common decorations, a former feast fills the grand dining table, it might have been nice before decay and desiccation set in. The Lady sits at the head of the table and looks up as I approach, with a wave and my most charming smile I offer her the cure but mad and suspicious as she is she resists and then charges at me. Before I realise what's happening she slips on one of her own dark sphere marbles and dives into my pocket, the one that connected to Mark who is presumed dead in the outer darkness.

Somewhat surprised, I take a double-handful of dark spheres as souvenirs (a DA'er would have been handy) and leave, making my way back to the party. Damien blames the strange outcome on double-miracle-pools and decides to leave us to it, guiding us back to the Astral before departing.

Sunday 6th Frost

Back in Seagate, we catch up with Mebh's Michaeline scholar, he claims he was faking the drunk as he didn't want to discuss matters in front of Damien. He tells us that according to his research, the home of the Duke of Faces is in the City of Seven Walls which is also home to Palmon (King of Domininations) and Raum (Earl of Theft and Destruction). Palmon is a triumvirate entity which also includes Labal and Abalim (or maybe they are his minions), one of them is likely to be guarding Dantalion's home while he's away.

Broc creates a portal to Greyhawk for us to visit Lawfakyr and the library. Once there we debate a lot over what to ask of the library - everyone gets only one question per age and some of the party have already asked theirs. Eventually we decide on:

Mordrin - What is the recipe for the Herbalist draught of Unwritable Thoughts. Which she gets - it requires some herbs and Calamar Ink.
Grendel - What is the incantation of Mind Shield- Unwritable Thoughts. Which he gets.

After, we chat to Lawfakyr and exchange some info. We tell him about Ungoliant in the Abyss and he tells us that Dioscura has been flooded, Cthon broke open the earth to let in the sea. Dantalion used the massed death to bring his legions to the Keep of Faces and keep them there.

Moonday 7th Frost - W'ansday 9th Frost

Broc creates a portal from Seagate to Edwardia, we go through to Kew Gardens to visit the Master of Gardens. We gather some useful herbs but unfortunately he doesn't have the ones we need for the Unwritable Thoughts. He also gives us 6 Sticks that when thrown will become Huorns.

We stay and sample herbs while Grendel learns the new incantation.

Th'rsday 10th Frost - Sunday 13th Frost

The Lord of gardens opens a hedge maze to a garden in Jiroth for us, we head through and find ourselves in the temple, in the garden sacred to Keroseth, Goddess of Jiroth. The Singing Bees eventually clued us in that it wasn't an ordinary garden. Fortunately we made it over the fence before being seen and causing offence, then some of us returned to the front door of the temple to pay our respects.

From Jiroth we take the shortcut to Kerberoth then into the Lands of Chaos where I guide us along the previously noted path that led to the Scented Jungle. There we gather the herbs we need for Unwritten Thoughts potion though we're still short some Calamar Ink.

Rumble in the Jungle

13th - Duesday 15th Frost

It takes a couple of days to gather the herbs. We discuss some options and plans, I suggest asking Domino if we can make use of his house in the City of Seven Walls but we don't know where he is to find and ask him. Broc suggests the Master of Gardens could send us to one of the others that shares ownership of the house, starts opening a portal to Edwardia and is killed by the chaos vortex surrounding these lands. Broc is fed Brandy and re-buffed.

On the third day in the jungle we are assaulted by Incubi with poisoned daggers and Black Iron Grenados, they are the first wave of an assault by Blackrod and his Pit Fiend. We survive the assault, dispatch most of the Incubi and the others withdraw.

Kerberoth, Tintagel, Siege and Dogs

W'ansday 16th - Sunday 20th Frost

We travel to Kerberoth via Crumbling Paths, Flaming Rocks, Fields of Amber Grain, and the Cloud Trees of Sindareth.

Kerberoth is emptier than we have ever seen it, most of their warriors have gone to defend the Keep of Faces with the Tintagelites. We speak and trade with Henry the Toy Maker and Clang, the Hound Master.

Moonday 21st - Th'rsday 24th Frost

We split up, most of the party staying in House Kerberoth learning incantations while Broc and I travel back to Seagate to get him a new Greater Enchantment and to get some of our Blank Phylacteries charged up.

Frysday 25th - Duesday 29th Frost

We decide to head to Tintagel to get an update on the siege and to give us some idea of what we might acquire to help them. We travel to the Ruins of the Sphinx via the Scented Jungle and Ford of Sands, then on to Tintagel via Crumbling Paths, Cloud Trees of Sindareth, Fields of Serioth, Coldstream, Crimson Spires, Flaming Rocks, and the Thorns of Havoth. Along the way we find a Cloud Seed and Tari demonstrates her ability to commune with nature.

Tintagel too is almost empty, we try to get updated information but they haven't had any updates from the Siege so we decide to go there and find out first hand. We fly north for an hour to the Geode near the cemetery entrance to the Valley of Death, several minor deaths are hanging out, I chat with them, they're at a loose end since Masquerade died, Masquerade (Mark's brother apparently) was looking after the Valley of Death after Mark died.

Through the Geode we emerge in The Keep of Faces (a.k.a The Red Keep) near where Masquerade set up house. We are soon met by Kerberites who agree to notify Lord Tirwh and the Tintagelite Castellan we're here and direct us to wait at an Inn.

We settle in and I'm making friends with a local when a Dog-thing erupts from the corner of the room and kills her. It seems that Broc has been hunted by Hounds of Tindalos (Corner Dogs) since he briefly visited their city, four of them are attacking them in his room upstairs, one missed and ended up in my lap. We fight, they're very tough and hard to harm. We use a 5' Dark Sphere to open the ceiling, Mebh uses the hole to get Broc out of trouble then brings the dogs down to us. Grendel adeptly controls the dark sphere taking out two of the dogs in one pass, Flamis hits and hurts one of them with a Fireball, Tari works on keeping the dogs current targets alive and the rest of us engage in melee with our curved weapons. The remaining two dogs dive into a corner and vanish, we form a circle around Grendel and wait, a moment later they appear amongst us going for Grendel and Flamis. Mebh draws their attacks away from Grendel then they both go for her and she is barely kept alive by Grendel. Changing tactics, Mebh and I keep them engaged in melee while everyone else backs off and Grendel drops the Dark Sphere on the melee, it takes a couple of strikes then the dogs are destroyed and we survive.

Now we just have a 5' Dark Sphere to deal with. The sane option is to Banish it, so of course Kilroy does a successful Elemental Binding on it.

Spilling Secrets

Shock wears off and word spreads of our little fight, first a few more senior Kerberites and then Lord Tirwh arrive to find out what's going on. We explain without admitting culpability then ask for a private audience with Tirwh. Upstairs I start to brief him on the state of affairs at home in the Abyss, specifically regarding the Lady. A little too late he cuts me off and suggests that telling him state secrets when his thoughts are being read on a daily basis by a Demon may not be wise. At that point we realise we can't talk to him about anything safely and let him know we're leaving now that we've blown our mission.

Before we leave town we head to the top of the walls to observe the besieging army, they have

Heavy Foot - devils commanded by a big blue demon, horned chin, huge sword.
Cavalry - Devils on Nightmares and similar beasts
Flying wedges of Hell Hounds
Air - small winged devils with slings and grenados

We also note that the ground under their army is now the same black stone that comprised the Lord of Dark Earth's mountain to the north.

We leave via the astral to Grendel's house beneath the waters in Dioscura and leave our sage and the pets there before we head into hell. After a lengthy discussion of options, we decide against the Hellbore Keep on Feralie, vote and decide on the Nualis mine over the Paths of Sheol.

W'ansday 30th Frost

Then to the house of the Bishop of Trondheim, meet and greet and ask permission to use his library. He agrees and sends his coach to take us there, as we're leaving town we find out it will take nearly a week to get there by coach and decide to warp gate there instead.

The library is beneath ground and still has a chill aura from being home to a Lich until recently.

Th'rsday 1st - W'ansday 7th Snow

Unfortunately the library is a bit dated and can't provide much intelligence but there is a lot of interesting lore, we decide to spend a week learning skills, magic, and Power Words that might help then proceed.

Th'rsday 8th Snow

Warp Gate back to Trondheim, then in the security of the Bishop's House we consult some trumps.

What in Dantalion's house would be most useful in relieving the Siege? Nothing
Where is Jus? In the house of Murmur
What in Dantalion's house should we target with our treasure map trump? The name of the Swan of the Pavilions of Summer

We decide not to ask our third question of the trumps (How do we stop what is holding the legions in the mortal realms?) as we're fairly sure the answer is to destroy the portal from hell and we think the Hell side of it will be less guarded than the Tanuel side.

Into Hell

We discuss how to get to the mine, 4,500 miles away, for a while. Too far for Rune Portals so we try flying but find that above the cloud layer it is deathly cold, only the best cold protection (rk 20+) will provide enough protection.

Frysday 9th - Reapsday 10th Snow

So we go via the Astral, I take Mordrin and Mebh, we head through the astral to the abyss then I gallop along the edge of the abyss to the Rift. There we fly up the cliff only to be met by large silver dragon (approx 120' from nose to tail) and a woman with silver sabres. They introduce themselves as Aquilon, Mistress of Winds, and Dobbin. We introduce ourselves, chat, tell her of the dark earth north of the Keep of Faces, she tells us she is checking something here but doesn't elaborate before leaving.

Through the astral to Trondheim to collect the others, then back to the edge of the abyss by the Rift, as we fly down the cliff we can see masses of demons approaching along the horizon, turning our backs to them we hastily make our way up the Rift towards the Rift Valley and the Mine.

As we near Nualis proper we see a fine featured warrior with a magnificent spear and steel armour in an old style. He greets us and speaks to each of us in turn:

Aryan - Son of thunder, with every step you leave mortality behind.
Broc - Hollow priest, you ape a human faith.
Flamis - Fire worker, look beyond fire to find strength.
Grendel - Host of avarice, you carry your downfall within you.
Kilroy - Son of chaos, with every shape you take, the voice of your heart grows quieter.
Mebh - Child of dust, if you would keep your spirit with your soul, you must look past simple solutions. Order is not the answer, neither is chaos
Mordrin - Made thing, if you would have a soul, you must bind your spirit to a thing of beauty.
Tari - Child of Kementári, tell your mistress if she would save her children, the Fëanturi must lead them forth.

Then he takes Mebh under his wing - he has six cool wings that we somehow didn't notice before - for a private chat from which she returns with two wing to remember him by. We eventually work out that he is Archangel Michael, he has three things to tell us:

he is departing to head to his doom, an ironic end, defending the one who he defeated and cast from heaven.
the Deck of Illusions was made by the Lord of Similarities as a copy of the Lord of Wands deck, Sims presumably has the bad half of the same deck. When Grendel, Kilroy and I drew from the deck this time it accrued a greater than expected twilight debt which was fed into the Shadow Mazes (one in the Abyss, one in Tanuel near Dioscura). When we used our Comet Trumps the three years of time went into the mazes where it was used by Ungoliant and her brood to traverse the maze and emerge in Tanuel. Ungoliant had previously been wary of entering the maze because of the presence of the Lady of the Abyss (who I accidentally sent away).
Kementari should alert the Fëanturi of her people's need.

Then he leaves and we continue to near the Mine.

There we settle in to camp for the night, prepare for our sojourn into Hell, and observe the comings and goings of the miners.

Sunday 11th Snow

The miners are minions of The Eye of Discord, a dozen slaves and a herd of pit mules. We can't afford for any of them to observe us entering and decide to go for conventional stealth only falling back to Warrior stealth if we must.

Waiting until most of the miners are on a meal break, we make our way unseen and stealthy into the mine. Kilroy the cat scouts ahead, we clump along behind accidentally brushing some metal tools hanging from the walls and alerting a couple of the miners. We scoot as they look around then toss in a Devil Censer - which generates a lot of Frankincense smoke. Further in we Gaseous form through a rockfall into a larger chamber, at the far end of it we find where devils are mining Brimstone. We consider the Warrior school of stealth but wait while Kilroy and Tari cats scout ahead first, there are over 60 devils working the mines - probably more than we could discretely kill so the cats continue all the way outside.

On the hill above the mine exit, Kilroy makes a small stone bunker then creates a Rune Portal to bring the rest of us through.

The hill we're on is part of a chain, not far away is a keep flying Raum's symbols. The devils are busy working the mine and there is a building oddly similar to the one on the Nualis side of the mine.

On the other side of the hills is a vast army of thousands of devils lining up to enter the portal to Tanuel which we estimate is about 12 miles down the road.

Blue Devils by night, day...

We start hiking along the line of the hills, compromising between wading through the swamp and scrambling over the rough broken hills. After travelling a few hours we spot a figure in the air on a horse in the distance that appears to be searching and coming our way. With water breathing on we submerge into the swamp to hide, it works but takes a long time until the searcher moves out of sight. Meanwhile things crawl and squirm over us in the water, we clench up for all we're worth. When we emerge Flamis applies Cleansing Flame all round, some of us were infected with demonic larva which are burned out of us.

Onwards for another few hours until a 'day' is up, then we set up camp, surprisingly night falls not long afterwards, presumably this means there's a Night Hag somewhere in the area. There is no light, Elven Witchsight is insufficient but other forms of night vision work.

Moonday 12th Snow

We set out in darkness, travelling carefully in the limited visibility. We decide to detour to the road the army is marching down to see if we can acquire some demonic bodies to use with skin change to infiltrate their camp at the portal.

All goes to plan as we find a reasonable ambush spot about half a mile from the column, Broc and I sneak closer and start slinging rocks at the devils of one group. After a few rocks two of them get sufficiently annoyed to come after us, we hit them again every time they slow down and even cause some damage. One of them goes back for the rest of their unit while the other keeps after us. At the ambush site we quickly and quietly kill the blue devil and prepare for the arrival of the rest.

The dozen blue devils arrive in a disciplined tactical group and approach us in formation. We engage with double-Dragonflames and a keen melee line. Then we spot the trio of Cenobites behind us who warp gate away before we can do anything about them, we assume they've gone for reinforcements. They return shortly, warp-gating into a different spot, casting on us then automatically warping out, they repeat this with impunity for a while. Then the Night Hag riding the nightmare arrives, sacrifices a Wren to bring dawn, and alternates between bringing night and dawn for a while mixed in with a bit of cursing and some nasty Dark Spears (spear shaped self-guided dark spheres). We finish off the blue devils without too much trouble through their commander tried to retreat through Kilroy, almost eviscerating him in the process, unfortunately for the devil Kilroy took it personally and promptly killed it. I try to deliver one of the Hag's Dark Spears into the Cenobites but they hold me off with a reverse gravity curse which I infect Mebh and Tari with before finding out it is contagious. So I take the curse to the Hag who Kilroy has managed to dismount, infecting her and the Nightmare. As the Hag and I fall up together she tries to consume me so I feed her a Dark Sphere bead which annihilates her, the Nightmare flees. Meanwhile Kilroy has prepared the Death Field in time for the Cenobites gate in too close to him, he shadow steps in and the field kills 2 of them and wounds the third. Mordrin and Mebh charge in to help finish it off but don't quite manage before it's gate rescues it. Mordrin closes to go with it and is stunned but distracts it long enough for Kilroy to close and warp away with it.

We later learn that they arrived in the swamp where they had a bound water elemental waiting, Kilroy destroyed the last Cenobite and portalled away before the elemental could react.

We finish the fight with one dark spear left to banish, 3 of us with a falling issue, Flamis with several days worth of creeping senility, Kilroy somewhere in the swamp, a few nasty wounds, 2 Cenobite corpses, 12 blue devil corpses, and potentially limited time until someone investigates where the devil squad went and why the hag was messing with the day/night.

About Face

Those of us able to, skin Blue Devils as fast as we can while the others keep watch. After about half an hour we have 8 intact skins and Grendel spots large flying shapes in the distance. Tari tunnels a pit for the remnants and the Cenobite bodies then carrying another 4 devil corpses we step through Grendel's wormhole to last night's camp and settle in to recover and skin the other 4 devils.

The flying figures resolve as 7 red dragons with imp or small devils on board that leap off at regular intervals as they scour the marsh and hills beside the road to the portal.

Kilroy lifts the curse from Flamis but his wound will take longer as it is only healable by natural healing (which we can get up to 1 EN per 2 days).

Duesday 13th Snow

Rebuffed and as recovered as we can get, we set out for the portal again and make it as far as the pass where we ambushed the devils. The dragon's passengers are spread out in several search lines through the swamp and the pass is occupied by devils diverted from the army. We can potentially bypass them with shadow walk and rune portals so Grendel scouts ahead for a decent shadow with his crystal. Shadow considerations become secondary as we get our first glimpse of the portal and those occupying the surrounds.

  • The Portal is about 100' wide with devils marching through on a regular basis.
  • Covens of Black Annises (portal hags)
  • The Evil Dr Mesmer
  • Pit Fiends with harems of Succubi
  • Ice Devils
  • 24 flights of Fire Angels
  • Thrones...

We decide that they need a Duke-of-faces-home-is-in-danger sized distraction before we have a chance of getting close enough to do something and portal back to near the mine then set out for the City of Seven Walls.

W'nsday 14th - Frysday 16th Snow

We follow the road away from the portal and mine towards the sea of lava. Then acting like the other minions of hell we cross the sea by leaping from rock to rock, made a little faster by our rocks being positioned in a favourable current most of the time.

On the far side of the sea we enter the city of seven walls as a bunch of mercenaries, the number of Devil guards are significantly reduced from when Grendel was last here and don't pay much attentions to who comes and goes. We make our way to Riddle Tower where we are met by the Master of Riddles who has been packing up everything of value and is leaving. He heard we were probably coming here and expects that Dantalion will tear down the city to find and destroy his house once we've done our raid. We are welcome to use it while it still stands.

Reapsday 17th Snow

With Devil forms and disguises in place, we scout the city and head to the Silken Bazaar to engage in some trade. We acquire some tinctures and Mordrin makes a 'friend'.

Back in the tower we decide on a rough plan for tomorrow:

We'll walk up to the heavily guarded gate in the 4th wall, bluff/lie our way past the guards - we're fetching a book the Duke of faces left behind.
Openly walk up to the door of his tower, discretely pick the lock if we need to, enter, loot then leave.
If possible we'll continue our bluff getting out the gate, otherwise we kill them and run.
A couple of fire-arcs and leaps/shadow walks over the 2 inner walls then out through the main gates and on the road to the City of Brass. Once we're on the road we make the call whether to continue or discretely head back to see what we can do about the portal.

Dantalion's Brain

Sunday 18th Snow

Our bluff easily gets us past the less secure gates but not so well on the main gate, it almost fails completely until we're saved by one bad lie.

An imp escort gets us past the next guards and into the tower, from there we follow our treasure map and head downstairs towards the biggest concentration of loot - which turns out to be Dantalion's giant-sized brain - or a sympathetic organic stone simulacrum of it maybe but that's still creepy.

We bluff our way past 3 liches out walking their demi-lich, try to touch as little as possible and eventually make it to a sac that contains the book. When we enter we find it is a vast library containing unique lore. Most of the knowledge does not have a physical presence so we'd need to learn it to remove it, except that at some point Dantalion would notice the missing lore. We debate how much we could get away with for a while and then decide the only safe number is zero. Taking the physical book we came for we head out, we decide the most damage we could do in here is against the bit of his brain linked to reading, Tari knows where that should be and leads the way.

En-route two of the Liches ambush us with Spectral Warriors and Necrosis. Grendel is killed but gets better, Tari is only saved by her Trollskin and Runes, the fight is grim and close but we prevail, destroying both Liches.

Strategic Withdrawal

We quickly move on towards our goal, reaching it without encountering any other residents. NB A DA on Aryan by Tari reveals an avatar strength aura - something to double check later. The 'room' is like the inside of a pyramid, about 100' across but filled with floating layers of transparent stone. We try a couple of experiments with tunnelling and walls but the floating stone is stronger than the magical stone. A few other ideas seem like a bad idea to the Mind Mages so we settle on using the singularity beads. Backing off as far as we can (which is not far enough) I throw a bead in, narrowly avoid annihilating us all and end up doing very little, so Mebh has a go and uses her Frozen luck to ensure an optimum result - then we flee tactically manoeuvre to a location a little further away.

Moving as we consider our options for getting out now that we've thoroughly alerted them to our presence, we catch glimpses of the Demi-Lich and decide to move faster. It sends a cloud of death after us which we delay with bound air and walls while we use Mordrin's shield to strategically relocate to the pass where we battled the Cenobites yesterday. Most of the party gets through then the Vampire lord materialises and whacks Kilroy. I engage and give him a good beating while Kilroy uses the shield then I rejoin the party.

Back in the pass everyone is staying low and discrete as flights of Dragons, Fire Angels, and others fly overhead towards the City of Seven Walls - it seems our plan is working.

We sneak into the hills to scry the portal site and prepare to attack. The number of powerful defenders has been reduced, it will still be near suicidal but it might be possible to take out the portal now. Then we see some of the Fire Angels start to return, it seems they've figured out roughly where we've gone, presumably from DAing the shield. We hide beneath some bound stone while Kilroy establishes a Rune Portal but don't have time to complete that before a Dragon with imps, Cenobites and a Night Hag arrive. Grendel opens a wormhole to our bunker near the mine but the Cenobites spot it and open their own wormhole to Raum's keep nearby arriving nearly a minute before we do. Running short of other options we decide to Banish ourselves to the Nualis side of the mine. But first establish a wormhole to the City of Seven Walls and send some Dragon Warriors through to hopefully draw the attention of the Cenobites. Flamis and Mebh are the first to be banished and are met by the Vampire Lord who materialises about the same time. They engage and the rest of us join in as we are banished through, he is also summoning his vampire minions in so we have a full on battle in the narrow mine. Highlights include:

  • Broc being turned into a Frog and then restored by Mordrin's kiss - turns out she is a Princess.
  • Grendel's armour being resurrected into a confused Dragon (Mountainstream) with Grendel embedded in his chest. Tari charms him into helping us polish off the vampires.

I finally slay the Vampire Lord, the other vampires turn to mist and try to flee then Mountainstream unleashes his breath weapon of shaped Greek Fire to roast them to ashes. Unfortunately most of their equipment is also reduced to slag and ashes.

Vampires in Trondheim

Mountainstream bids Tari farewell, turns into a stream and flows away. We discuss what to do about the portal into Hell. I try calling on some Seal Angels; Mebh calls an Angelic Steed, Flamis tells it about the portal into Hell, it heads off to bring an Angelic Host to invade. Eventually we discover that the portal has a physical component which we destroy with Time Fires. I un-invite the Seal Angels, we all consider the impending arrival of an Angelic Host who may not be happy to have their time wasted.

We make our way out and deal to the slavers, liberating their hydrargyrum which Grendel decants a lot of while we debate what to do with the rest. Our discussion comes to an abrupt end when we see the vanguard of the Angelic Host on the horizon, Tari dumps the wagon down a couple of tunnels where the containers should shatter and the hydrargyrum leech into the earth.

We run down towards the abyss, fortunately no demons are waiting at the bottom, in fact we are surprised not to see any at all while we fly up the cliff to the astral. At the top we make our way to Trondheim where we plan to rest and then portal to Tanuel.

Moonday 19th Snow

On arrival, the Bishop's aide thanks us for coming to help with the Vampires. Vampires? we ask keenly, no problem, where and how many. 30-40 he tells us, besieging the house now for the week or two of the mid-winter night.

We re-buff while discussing the situation with the Bishop, he usually has trouble with a couple at mid-winter and hibernates the villages to keep them safe in his house but this time is different, this is 10 times the biggest raid ever before. His house is protected by Marist Roses which will keep undead from entering. The Vamps are controlling the weather, cold, windy and dry.

First Wave: A pine tree is toppled against the building and set alight, Flamis puts it out, they transform the top of it to Greek Fire, Flamis puts it out every 10 seconds, a pack of Blood Wolves approaches, we shoot them with enchanted silver arrows and blackfire, Tari gets an earth Elemental to clear the tree and put dirt on the Greek Fire to keep it from re-igniting. We kill and collect the corpses of 8 Blood Wolves, 4 get away and are drained by the vampires.

Second wave: Two groups of Vamps approach from opposite sides, we hit one side with magic and arrows, forcing one of them to mist but both sides withdraw after successfully turning some of the roof to Greek Fire. Extinguish, bound air, and dirt eventually deal to that.

Lightning interlude: They call lightning from their storm to strike the building with great accuracy, causing damage and starting fires. Grendel use some hydrargyrum and transforms silk rope into copper rope, I string it from the roof to the ground to draw the lightning away. Mebh casts a Windstorm which stops the Vamps from flying around as freely.

Third wave: Flasks of acid by Telekinesis. We intercept a few but there are too many to stop, they breach the roses in a couple of places then Mebh suggests and Kilroy casts Walls of Thorns to enhance and protect the roses. They eventually give up on the flasks.

Fourth wave: a large pack of wolves is summoned and sent to dig up the roses, we kill a lot on their approach but some get in near the walls where we can't target them from inside. Mebh, Mordrin, Grendel and I leap out to engage them are are met by 30 casts of Disruption which hurt a bit. We get the others back in immediately, I collect a decent set of Phantasms before I can get inside. Meanwhile Flamis' careful sniping and Tari's elemental have killed or driven off the wolves but they created another breach in the roses that Walls of Thorns won't cover.

Broc who has been thinking on the matter tell us that he believes the Vamps are here to gain access to the Library to research the Jasonites' Whisperfall which is guiding the defence of the Keep of Faces.

Falling Angel

Fifth Wave: A wagon loaded with ice with a door transformed to glass on the front rolls towards us through the village, we discuss how to stop it, try some walls, shoot some arrows, discuss further, then it gets close enough and Tari drops it into a tunnel where the weight of the falling ice smashes it for us. Meanwhile another wagon was been quietly rolling up to the front door, the first we notice is when the roses at the front are transformed away, then the front door goes as we charge closer to meet 3 blood wolves that emerge from the wagon and pierce the Rune Ward, one got stuck outside. The fight with them goes well, they drop reasonably quickly, until we realise that they are only buying time to invite Vampires in. The vampires that get through the Runeward flick us away with an irresistible variant of TK Rage and invite more in. Some pause to feed on the remaining Bloodwolf. Forced back against the wall we present amulets to keep them out of 'flick' range, I charge back in wielding Joyeuse and my Vampire Slayer which draws their attention, so they all flick me away and leave.

We can probably hold for longer here but three of the vampires are now able to travel to the library. We seal the villagers into the basement with protective artefacts and Rune Portal to the Library, concerned about being too late.

Duesday 20th - Moonday 26th Snow

It turned out there was no need to hurry. The Vampires take a week to travel to the Library which we use to fortify it as much as we can. Broc also consecrates it for good measure. While we're waiting Broc searches for whatever the library has on the Whisperfall so we can remove it.

Whisperfall is a group of 'village idiots' - simpletons, idiot savants, etc. - linked together with a special kind of mind speech to create a powerful oracle/sage to advise the Jasonites.

The vampires eventually turn up, step foot into the consecrated area, turn and leave.

Then we get another visitor, Gabriel has become aware of Broc's consecrations and decided to visit. It turns out that Gabriel wants Dantalion to take the Keep of faces, link it to the Lands of Chaos, and channel the collision of worlds to project them all into the next realm leaving Hell behind. We mention the death of millions of mortals, he says God will sort them out. We mention he's working with Devils - he slays Mordrin for pushing the point too far. Broc then agrees to open the gates of the Keep, and despite our attempts to quieten him tells Gabriel what Michael is up to. We smile, nod, wait until Gabriel leaves then render Broc unconscious, resurrect Mordrin, and prepare to leave.

Mebh tries to commune with Michael and gets through to warn him that Gabriel is siding with evil and knows what Michael is up to. She asks who we could call on to help him, he suggests Metatron. He also tells Mebh that all of the demons of the abyss are gathered near Kerberoth to be summoned into battle (by Lord Tirwh) at the Keep of Faces.

As we're gathering our gear, we notice that the Library seems different. We investigate and find that Broc's consecrations have caused irreparable harm to the Pagan magic that made the library special.

Rune Portalling back to Trondheim, we unseal the crypt and farewell the Bishop. Back into the Astral, we head for the Abyss, banish back to the Alusian Astral, then through to Kilroy's house and back to Seagate to hand Broc over to local Gabrielites to be checked over.

Duesday 27th Snow

Broc communes with Gabriel who assumes his other instance knows what he's talking about and suggests Broc should get on with it.

A Dark Hunt

Flamis grants Mebh the ability to talk to Horses, Mebh summons her Celestial Steed, they chat and it agrees to take a message to Metatron asking it to help Michael.

I chat with Eric about using Marc's finger bone, he agrees but can't find it. Then we find out that Clementine has it so Mordrin goes to see her and returns with it. We look into the best way to use the rod to bring Marc back. It will be near impossible, stacking Kilroy up with as much as we can gives him a chance but the best chance would be at the site of his death - in the Outer Darkness. The alternative is to get Kilroy some sort of Luck so he can't fail, or maybe Life Aspect which he's not too keen on.

W'nsday 28th Snow

While considering ways to stack the odds, we head to Kerberoth where we find hordes of demons lining up to be summoned into battle at the Red Keep. While trying to push our way through we meet up with Moonlight and Jade Rain. Jade Rain advises us that The Lord of the Dark Hunt has been contracted to kill Lord Tirwh. The Dark Hunter was killed not long ago so it is likely it is Similarity's clone of the original hence not as tough. She thinks he will be travelling through Jiroth and the other towns along the way, slaying ladies of the night to gain power.

As we can no longer trust Broc not to blab everything to Gabriel and the other bad guys, we carry his unconscious body as we take the shortcut to Jiroth. There Mordrin disguises herself as a lady of the night and we set up an ambush in the swampy-foggy-docks area of town. The Dark Hunt make his presence known by trying to eviscerate Mordrin, when she fails to collapse he gets suspicious and tries to flee - we charge. A messy fight as he dives under buildings, ducks down alleyways, sneaks, evades, and beats on Mordrin. We pursue him with light, fire, elementals, tiny Mordrin, big Aryan gleefully ridden by Mebh, birds and big swords. We eventually 'corner' him on a roof where he is killed by Broc just before he would have teleported away into darkness though there is a bit of collateral property damage.

Hags, Patterns and Serpents

We do what we can to help those still alive then take what we can use from the Dark Hunter and head back to Kerberoth for the night.

Th'rsday 29th Snow

We decide to head to Victoria to see what we can do about the death of Mycroft - perhaps he is just badly injured and nobody noticed...

Grendel opens a wormhole to the Victoria side of the abyss and we step through. There is a stairway up the cliff which none of us remember, suspicious of it we fly up instead but notice part way up that our winds are part of the chaos wind and draining us of colour, switching to the stairway, Mordrin, Tari, Mebh and I walk up while the others fly by other means.

We reach the top in only 20 minutes and the others are barely a third of the way up, we hang around for a while then notice something odd, something occasionally occluding our view of the others, we prepare for trouble, Mebh opens out her Michaeline Wings then we see a portal open at the edge of the cliff and 9 hags attack. 4 See-hags, 4 Black Anises (2 of them anchoring the portal), and the Night Hag we fought in Hell. They hit us with death-vision and projected foetuses, I end up pregnant and knocked out for a pulse and Mebh out for 3. Tari strikes back with Hell Fire, Mordrin engages a Black Anis, the See-Hags target Tari with their Death Vision from which she is saved by a twist of fate. I leap up to engage the other Anis, release the Unforgotten on one of the Anises that is holding the portal, Mordrin and I deal out damage while Tari prepares another Hellfire, the See-hags target Tari again and she is saved by another twist of fate, Kilroy teleports in. More Hellfire, melee mayhem, and curses, we see two Beholders pass through the portal and a Pit Fiend with someone else approaching behind them. The Beholders rise above the fray and start to open their magic suppressing eyes, Kilroy summons Karreyhun and sends him after the floating feasts of eyeballs, Grendel and Flamis wormhole in, 4 of the hags are killed by combined Fire, Star Fire, and Necrosis, the Black Anis assailed by the Unforgotten steps back through the portal before she is killed, her sisters steps through too and they close the portal. Mordrin, Mebh and I charge the remaining hags and Beholders. Mayhem as our magic cuts in and out as we and the beholders manoeuvre, death rays, disintegration, petrifactions and curses from the Beholders, Tari is killed, Mordrin and I are saved by Trumps, Karreyhun is charmed or compelled to change sides several times, Kilroy charms one Beholder and they start fighting each other, the night-hag is petrified, the remaining hags are killed, I put everything I have into a final strike to drive Beauty through the main eye of the Beholder, shattering the eye and ending the fight other than some mop-up.

Resurrecting Seeing that Tari was not as badly hurt as we thought, we help her up, loot the bodies and then travel through the Astral to the House of the Lord of Patterns. His doorman invites us in but seems off, Kilroy and Tari determine that he is hypnotised, I cut the spell from him and he reveals that the Lord of Serpents has taken over the house.

Grendel identifies where Set and the poisoned Serifan are, Mebh prepares herself then castles with Serifan which alerts Set something is up, she then castles back with a Dragon Warrior who I have supplied with a bead. We flee back through the Astral gate as Set arrives in Serifan's prison to be met by an expanding singularity which only delays him momentarily. We use another Singularity to destroy the Astral gate behind us then flee to the abyss. We call on Damien's help and head towards his house, we soon see that we are being followed by an army of Elves who are under Set's control. We race to stay ahead of them for a day, then take some Unlocatability jam and change destination to Alusia via Wormhole, sending warning to Damien of the army.

Frysday 30th Snow (Twelfth Night)

It is late in the day when we emerge from the Astral in Kilroy's house.

We combine some powerful anti-venom herbs with Mesmer to purge the poison from Serifan's mind but he will take months to recover during which he'd be hunted by his enemies. We reluctantly decide to kill him so he can return to one of his safe-Houses in a year.

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Rune Shield (Ki) 20 +25% Def +5AP 2Sp Grevs 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Smite (Ki) 20 Resist or D+21, stun, prone 21 hrs K B B B K K K B
Heart Rune (Br) 6 6EN healed on 1st EN dmg 7 days Y Y Y Y Y
Willow Healing (Br) 10 3EN/pulse for 1 min (once activated) 20hrs Y Y Y Y
Strength of Stone (Tr) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Tr) 11 + 24% defence +1 Armour 6 hrs
Fire Armour (Fl) 15 64 ablative prot. from magical fire dmg. 9 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fireproofing (Fl) 8 Protection from non-magical fire 9 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mind Shield (Gr) 13 +36% MR vs Mental Attack mind cannot be read 27 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Proofing (Gr) 7 As the spells says 24 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (Gr) 13 Breath water, see through water mage fog 14 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Resist Cold (Me) 11 +3 gauge, -3 cold dmg. 12 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cold Resistance (Gr/Ki) 6 Protect to -12°C, -3 cold dmg 7 hrs
Lightning Bow (Me) 12 +13 damage x 3 shots 13 hrs Y - Y

NB We have 1 or 2 charges per day of Enhance Enchant, each lasts long enough for 11 pulse-cast spells per mage. Or potentially 30 spells if we use them both at once.

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Heat Shield (Fl) 7 32 ablative prot. from magical cold dmg. 4 hrs Y Y Y Y
Vapour Breathing (Me) 10 5.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Feather Falling (Me) 7 4 hrs Y Y Y
Flying (Me) 8 38 mph; D+2m/D+2p; 304mi 4.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Weapon of Flames (Fl) 15 +16% +8 dam +15 vs Undead/Dark 20 min 3
Waters of Strength (Gr) 6 [D-2] + 6 Strength 35 min -
Bouyancy (Gr) 7 Float, pressure protection 4 hrs Y
Aryan Mil Sci
Melee Only: +14% Def, +14% SC, +14 IV, +1 End of Pulse Pass Action in melee
Raise Morale +7 WP
-17 dice mod on Fear Checks; -34 on Fright Table
Aryan's Callisthenics
+1 AG
Mordrin Hair Braiding (200sp 1oz silver ribbon each time)
30 mins per person per day: +50% resistance vs Charm (Demonic, Spells, Bardic Voice). -25% melee damage from attacks from behind. Enhance Duration of one 2+ hour spell until next dawn.
1 hour per person per day: +3 AG (or +2 over racial max).
Herbalist Meals/Broth
Broc: 4FT for meal and 5FT for broth/tea
Kilroy - Folded Elements (time permitting)
Each takes 45 mins to create and last 34 hours, take 6 mins to unfold
Earth - 168 cubic feet folded down to a shot put
Wood - 94 cubic feet folded down to a short stave
Tea (Kilroy) & Pills (Broc)
Tea: 15 hours, +10% SC, +10 IV, +1 rank on all spells, +1 mana level, +2 FT, +1 WP.
Harden Up Pill: 2 hours, +5 PS, +15 EN, +15 FT, +10 IV. Not exceeding racial max: +2 PB, +10 PC, +5 WP.
Blue Devil Skin Change
Base Stats: PS 35 MD 20 AG 20 EN 30

Spell Racks

Standard contents of spell racks:

Smoke Form
Guardian Angel
Water Proofing -Minor AoE (morning) then Water Breathing - Minor AoE (morning), then Dominate Will
(Complex Matrix) Mindshield (unwriteable thoughts) + Minor AoE, then Telekinetic Rage (Spell Penetration) + Extended Range
Chao Bongo - Grendel's Ally
Dominate Will
Friendly Light

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Tari Aryan Mordrin Flamis
Broc Mebh Grendel Kilroy

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Mordrin Aryan
Broc Tari Flamis Mebh
Kilroy Grendel

Double File

Mordrin Aryan
Broc Mebh
Tari Flamis
Kilroy Grendel

Single File



Holy Water

The following characters can bind water: Broc , Mebh, Kilroy. We can have one x water elemental, try and make it from holy water either from a coral sea/ via Grendel or from the Holy sea.

Then we haul it over to the 38 Legions, turn it to mist and apply with Windstorms.

Faceless Things?
  • Circles and Spheres
  • worms
Concealed House in the City of Seven Walls

The Master of Riddles and a couple of others have a concealed house in the City of Seven Walls. Permission to use it as a forward base would be handy. A quick way to or from it would be ideal.

Complex Matrix for Grendel

If we can acquire one somewhere would make maintaining the Unwritten thoughts mind shield easier.

Getting out of Hell

We know Grendel and others have walked/flown out from the City of Seven Walls via the City of Brass and Paths of Sheol. Do we need and special preparations or equipment to get out after the looting? Pomegranate Seeds? Justice Blade? Distilled Brimstone?

Uriel's Sword

Assuming someone in hell has it, do we want to try to grab it while we're there?

Fighting Styles

Warrior code Mebh
  • keep the faith.
  • always accept a surrender
  • never to turn my back upon a foe
  • uphold the honour of my fellow knights
  • defend the weak from the unholy
  • to hold to the rules of combat only have one attack or special attack per exchange
  • to maintain with respect a warhorse
  • to defend those under my care with all my might.
  • to be brave.
nobody told me we had to have a bunch of rules... combat is to get away from all the damn Courtier rules! - Aryan.
Fighting Tips Kilroy
  • Whistling is good when scared. I whistle a lot
  • The nasty, pointy, hurty bits are normally at the front of the bad guys, so avoid those where possible. Leave them to the armoured guys that aren't whistling
  • Jump in behind the enemy when they least expect it. It is never good if they are holding a spot for you
  • Hit the bad guys so hard they don't turn around. If they start to turn, hit them harder. If, after all that, they turn around and laugh, cry (and whistle)
  • If you do teleport behind the enemy make sure either your fellow party will be there soon, or you have a very good exit strategy. Failing all that, whistle
  • Pick your targets carefully. If there are lots of options, take out the most squishy ones first. They are least likely to hit back, can be taken out quickly and removing actions from the enemy is always a good idea
  • Sometimes you do need to just jump in against the big bad guy though. Try to follow as many of the tips above when you do, and don't forget to whistle.
  • It is actually quite hard to whistle when your lips have suddenly gone dry, your bottom lip is quivering and the only planned action your mind can comprehend is RUN, but try your best, it will make you feel better, honest.



Aryan Broc Flamis Grendel Kilroy Mebh Mordrin Tari
66,087.5 45,693.75 60,800 57,287.5 64,262.5 65,000 60,081.82 52,786.46
After the Loot Auction:
Income (less expenditures):


Treasure - Master List
Individual Awards:   Aryan   Father Broc   Flamis   Grendel   Kilroy   Mordrin   Mebh   Tari  

Item Qty Effects Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Black Iron Grenado 3 2SG 1 1 1
Telekinetic Rage Caltrops 1
Concentration Disc 2 3 charges of concentration for day 1 1
Agate Amulet (Hag Eyes) 4+ ?? Resist Disease 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Meditation Amulet 3 1 Hold 1 charge each of Spell Prepare Action 1
Contingent Spell Amulet 7 5 Hold 1 charge each of Rit Prep Spell for rk hrs. 1 1 1 1 1
Huorn Sticks 6 Turn into Huorns when thrown 1 1 1 1 1 1
Dark Sphere Bead 5 3 Turn into Dark Sphere when thrown 1 1 1
Singularity Bead 5 1 Turn into Singularity when thrown 1
Consumable: Trumps  
Avoid Fate Trump 1 1 1 1 1 1
Dilemma Trump 1 question 1 1 1 1 1 1
Treasure Map Map to treasure within 300m 1 1 1 1 1 1
Ally Trump Get/advance Ally 1 1 1 1 1 1
Comet Trump Defeat enemy... 1 1 1 1 1 1
Star Trump -10 dm on Stat Check PC WP AG AG AG PC
Sun Trump 50 ablative damage 1 1 1 1 1 1
Consumable: Potions  
Virility 6 Rk 20. 21 Hrs +105% 3 3
Potion of Recurring Restoration 5 -7En +14Ft x 5 pulses 1 1 1 1 1
Potion of Greater Healing 11 10 Heals 3 rollup D10 + 12 damage to EN and 8 to FT. 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1
Potion of Pentecost 8 Comprehend languages 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Potion of Restoration 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Remove Curse Potion 1 1
Non-Detection 2 1 1
Circle of Protection 1 1
Blessed Weapon 1 1
Sanctuary 1 1
Resist Temperature 1 1
Magic Fang 1 1
Hydrargyrum 12 Permanent Transformations 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1
Blood Wolf blood for potions 11 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2
Consumable: Gems  
Dream-weaver's Amethyst 1 Mind Fog, Mind Blast, Illusory Wall, Maze 1
Doombinder's Sard 1 Damnum Magnatum, Soul Destruction 1
Runed Intaglio 1 Banishment, Binding Earth, Rune Wall 1
Opal (Fire) 1 Dispel Denizen, Dispel Denizen, Timefires, Quench 1
Engraved Lapis Lazuli 1 Call Lightning 1
Amber Cabochon 1 Earth Transformation, Gem Creation 1
Curse Wand 1 Damnum Magnatum x 8 charges 1
Rod of Resurrection 1 2 charges - to be used on Marc
Weapons Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Incubus Dagger 3 +8%, +6dmg, cold iron, poison reservoir 1 1 1
Incubus Main Gauche 3 +8%, +2dmg, +3 armour penetration, cold iron, def vs ranged, att&def 1 1 1
The Forest Staff 1 +10% Kementari +DR +CheapInvesteds +CounterSpells PortalToGlade 1
Flametongue Athame 1 +5% +1dmg + Bolt of Fire 1
Tentacle Net 1 +30% +6dmg Entangle and Bite 1
Dwarven Rotary Axe 1 +7% +5dmg +WeaponSpell + SpringDamage 1
Greenstone Patu 1 War Club +5% +3dmg Strike Insubstantial Undead 1
Grim 1 Broadsword +0-21% +D+4dmg Slaying 1
Wicked Glaive (Blue Devil NCO) 1 Wounds not magically healable 1
Mace of Disruption 1 Cast Disruption 1
Dark Hunter's Blade 1 Eviscerating Sadist's Blade 1
Dark Hunter's Dagger 1 Doubles Assassin Strike Check Modifiers 1
Armour Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Witchskin Armour 2 WF 2 0AG 6AP 1 1
Image Folding Armour 1 Size 6 WF 2 -1AG 9AP 4MP +10%Stealth +ColdProt EscapeClose AppropClothing 1
Scale Mail 1 Size 6 WF 4 -1AG 9AP 3DR +LightningProt +3PS&MD Claw 1
Bracers of Armour 4 2 lbs (+7AP +7 MP) <23 Left arm 1 1 1 1
Cenobite Robes 2 WF 2 4-12 AP&MP Levitate 1 1
Liche Robes 2 4 WF 9 AP 11 MP +3 DR, Burn Wearer D10/Min 1 1
Miscellaneous Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Dark Hunter's Rod 1 Rod of Dwarven Tools 1
Dark Hunter's Top Hat 1 Attire of a Gentleman of London 1
Dark Hunter's Walking Stick 1 Serendipitous Travel (Summons Serendipity ;-) ) 1
Blank Phylactery 4 2 x Rk 20 Enhance Enchant 1 E E 1
A Stone from a Plover's Nest 7 Re-investable Invisibility (rk 20) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Incubus Thong 4 2 1 1
Caster's Shield 1 5 lbs, -3 MD, 25% def, trigger scrolls 1
Heavy Shield 1 10 lbs, -3 MD, 30% def, +5 AP vs attacks from front hexes 1
Tower Shield 1 15 lbs, -4 MD, 35% def, can turn into a tower 1
Belt of Giant Strength 1 Cold Iron +6 PS 1
Hob-nailed Boots 1 Cold Iron +1 AP/MP<18 -Armour dm MR 1
Monkey Skin Gloves 1 +3 MD curious fingers 1
Counterspell Wand 1 Rank OOC CS 1
Rabbi Loewe's Golem Book 1 Rk9 Alchemical Golem 1
Resurrection Crystal 1 1
Warp Crystals 3 1 is Enhanced 3
Jewellery Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Hamsa Amulet 1 3/day cast without gestures 1
Mage's Headband 1 +6 MA costs EN non-transferable 1
Dodging Ring 1 1 attempt to dodge per pulse 1
Greater Ring of Protection 1 -10 dm MR 12 DR Abalative per pulse 1
Spell Racks Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Syrinx 1 1
Freddy 1 1
Fetish Bag 1 1
Golden Sickle 1 1
Incantations Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Mental Attack - Creeping Senility 1 -5wp -2ma -1ma per dawn 1
ESP - Mind Sense 1 1
Rune Wall - Rune Bridge 1 10'x10' +3'/rk bridge 1
Sacrifice - Death Field 1 Mega-hex sacrifice 1
Runelock - Shatter 1 Rk x Rk structural damage 1
Smoke Creation - Toxic Fumes 1 1
Fire Arc - Translocation 1 1
Wall of Fire - Firethorns 1 1
Gaseous Form - Dissolution of Violence 1 1 1
Flying - Walk on Air 1 1
Conjuring & Controlling Earth Elemental - Ent Call 1 1
Trollskin - Cannibalise 1 1
Wall of Stone - Stoneskin 1 1
Whirlwind Vortex - Whirlwind Attack 1 1
Single Target Fire College Spell - Flame Blossoms 1 1
Cleansing Flame - Dispel Denizen 1 1
Scarring Terrain - Forestal Blight 1
Necrosis - Soul Wrack 1
Wraithcloak - Ethereal Form 1
Allies Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Canasta 1 E&E 1
Epigram 1 Namer 1
Loot from last fight
2 beholders, 4 see-hags, 2 Black Anises, Night hag.
Favour from Serifan

Resource points
Type Qty Ar Br Fl Gr Ki Mo Me Tr
Mesmer 24 15
Strange 7 1
Charm 7 5 3
Void 4
Warp 4


Wiccan Restoratives Rk? 500+sp x ? ?,000
Potions of Pentecost 5k x 8 40,000
Potions of Restoration 15k x 7 105,000
Plover Stones 5k x 7 35,000
Blank Phylactery 10k x 4 40,000
+ Rk20 Enhance Enchant BC 85% 7.5k x 2 15,000
Spell Racks ?k x 4 ?,000


Winter: Frost 814 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting

Seagate, Abyss

2 Abyss 3 Abyss: Lady 4 Abyss 5 Abyss 6 Seagate, Lawfakyr
Moon3.jpg 7 Seagate, Kew Gardens 8 ... 9 Kew Gardens (Edwardia) 10 K.G., Jiroth, LoC: FoS 11 LoC: CS 12 LoC: B&L 13 LoC: SJ Herbs
Moon0.jpg 14 ... 15 ... Blackrod! 16 LoC: CP 17 LoC: FR 18 LoC: FoAG 19 LoC: CToS 20 Kerberoth
Moon1.jpg 21 K. / Seagate 22 K. / S. 23 K. / S. 24 K. / S. 25 LoC: SJ, LoC: FoS 26 LoC: RoS 27 LoC: CP, LoC: CToS
Moon2.jpg 28 LoC: FoS, LoC: C, LoC: CS 29 LoC: FR, LoC: ToH, Tintagel

VoD Geode => Keep of Faces, Dioscura

30 Trondheim 1 Trondheim Library...
Winter: Snow 814 (8)
Moon3.jpg 5 ... library 8 Trondheim, Astral, Abyss 9 Abyss 10 Abyss, Astral, Rift 11 Mine => Hell
Moon0.jpg 12 Blue Devil Battle 13 Pass, scry portal. 14 To Lava Sea 15 Solstice Crossing stones 16 To 7 Walls, Riddle Tower 17 Silken Bazaar 18 Yuletide Dantalion's Tower
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos Trondheim 20 Trondheim Library
Moon2.jpg 26 Trondheim => Seagate 27 Seagate 28 Kerberoth, Jiroth, Dark Hunt 29 Victoria, Hags, Eyes, Patterns 30 Twelfth Night Abyss => Slippery Rock 1 2
Winter: Ice 814 (9)
Moon3.jpg 3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
Moon0.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon1.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon2.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30