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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Highlands, Woods
1-30 (8)
Neanderthals are a species of pre-human characterised by sloping foreheads, hairy bodies, limited intelligence, and a semi-erect posture. They have prominent canines
Neanderthals fear other humanoids and will flee them if possible. Some, however, are cannibals and will stalk other humanoids as prey.
Neanderthals may have limited Beast Master skills and will possess most Ranger skills at Ranks 1-6 (some at higher Rank). They will have no talents and will not be magic users. Neanderthals will have only a limited tool using capacity and will generally not use weapons more complicated than stones and clubs.
Movement Rates 
Running: 300
PS: 18-25 MD: 13-15 AG: 12-14 MA: None EN: 14-16 FT: 20-24
WP: 8-10 PC: 13-18 PB: 8-10 TMR: 6 NA: Skin absorbs 1 DP
Neanderthals will use rocks and sticks, and sometimes simple clubs and axes. They will bite and use weapons in Close Combat, and will always attempt to enter Close Combat. They will rarely pick up and use a dropped weapon of a more complex nature.
Stick: BC 30%, [D – 2] Close, Rank 0.
Bite: BC 30%, [D – 3] Close, Rank 0.