My Kingdom Come

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Adventure: My Kingdom Come
GM: Mandos
Session: Summer 813 wk
Night: Thursday
Level: Somewhere between low and high

The Party:

Teeanna, A Fae Princess and Mind Mage played by Hannah

  1. Haann Uberreich - Mind Mage played by Ben Taberner
  2. Kit - Human male. Lord Christopher Reynard, a lord of the area played by Andrew Withy is in charge of fighting
  3. Icarone - Human Solar Celestial played by Manu Erwin is in charge of writing

Adventure Full.


Foxley. A Will O' Wisp from Coração da escuridão


To discover why the Fairy King has forsaken his duties.


A blessing.


A few weeks before the guild meeting......


Day One - 25th Meadow 813 WK

Kit has asked Dramus who in turn has asked the rest of us to assist Foxley (a willow the wisp who is the diplomat for a fair court) with some faerie matter.

Foxley's faerie court is trying to rebirth but the faerie king didn't show up to do something.

We need to find the faerie king by the summer solstice else the court might die out?!

Through mind speech Foxley tells us we should look for a female pixie (Kribna) and a male boggan (Vaubt). They are the current consort and prince of the realm.

We will leave on the morrow courtesy of Kit's flying boat. Apparently we shouldn't eat much for breakfast and we'll be wearing safety harnesses.

Day Two - 26th Meadow 813 WK

Normal breakfast is served by Helen and we make our final preparations before leaving.

Kit's airboat is loaded up, we strap ourselves in and we're off!!

It's a very swoopy ride as we bounce off the sunlight and we get near to Kit's village by the end of a long swoopy day with no food. We have to splash down in a mill pond some distance away from the village as they don't like magic. I do like flying although this was a little different so I'm not yet convinced.

Kit pulls a weird looking horse from a tree so Princess Teeanna doesn't have to walk anywhere.

Kit is known as Sir Christopher here.

Princess Teeanna agrees to walk the last little bit so the horse can go back into a tree.

We arrive at the local inn where the local Reeve Kohat greets us and offers us hospitality for the night. The food and ale is delicious and an impromptu festival occurs!! I manage to get a saucer of milk outside and the three kittens turn out to talk which worked out well :)

Day Three - 27th Meadow 813 WK

The day starts late, an hour or so after dawn! and once I remember that I should probably purify, pretty sure that's what we do right? I head to the local green to 'meditate' for an hour as the locals don't like magical things. The kittens come and curl up around my ankles after, I think they like me! Breakfast is a deliciously spiced porridge with apple slices which is even nicer when banapples are added to it.

Foxley leads us into the forest in the way that will 'o the wisps do.......

Kit warns us that if he goes to sleep he might not wake up him, he could be some other 'Rasputin' who lies.

Into The Fae

We are somewhat formally welcomed to the court by Prince Vaubt and then turn to informal conversation. He says that the normal portals to the faerie king were opened to give him their fealty however he didn't appear so they cannot change. They tried again at the last full moon with no success. The kings court has not advised any concern about the king and they were welcoming, however the king did not present himself. There was some evasion so they suspected something is wrong. They are a court on the cusp of change so are accepted in both the Queen and King's realms. He grants us the freedom to travel his realm and says he will grant us a blessing should all go well.

This is a high mana area so looking at the auras around here to work out the best place for a banapple grove is a lot easier. There are a lot of winter like plants growing and a few spring like plants although they're not growing very well. Seems to be related to the rebirth of the court not happening when it should.

Kit sends us into the ethereal which is full of mists, even though the others say we are close to another faerie court, which I can't see. I hold onto Haann's shoulder, we take two steps and turn up in a summer field. Nearby there is a hedgerow and on the other side is snow! The snow is a little bit on this side too and it is aligned to the Queen, and the warm field is aligned to the King. Haann says the summer field is teeming with life and the snow feels very attractive.

The field tends slowly upwards as we walk away from the snow in search of the middle and a wonderful feeling of contentment comes over us as we travel through the seemingly endless field. Kit somehow summons a horse for Princess Teeanna to ride on. It's a real horse as it likes banapples. Teeanna and I start talking to the horse and it changes shape into a one legged, one armed, one eyed plump creature called Rodney.

My vision improves after Rodney strokes my arm which is nice.

Rodney hops a couple of times and a creature made of pebbles "Grommit" turns up and makes a stone portal that we travel through.

We arrive in a glade full of children and child like faerie playing games. We play hop scotch for awhile although we don't get to play as the pixie is really good. The pixie tells us Rockclaw is the one to talk to about the "big game" of hide and seek that's happening for the King.

Rock Claw cast runes for each of us to help prepare us for what we might face in the Winter Court.

Rockclaw Casts The Runes And Tells Us Things




  • He tells me I have a decision to make soon which will make the difference between continuing to be a boy and becoming a man. The choice will be easy and the outcome happy whichever is chosen.


  • There will be a test, in the form of a choice. The harder option will be better in the long-run, an the easier one will lead to more harm.
  • Help your friends, for while some of their tests may seem easy on the surface, they will be emotionally challenging. They may need to tell you something, but be unable to talk about it.
  • The last rune stands alone.


I've been given a hoop stone amulet that lets me wake up from sleeping as apparently falling asleep here can be quite dangerous!! And I'm a guest of the court. Apparently there is a not nice human L'Qant who has come through the fae realm recently and could be pacted. It's possible Savnok is the demon amongst others??

We make our way towards the winter court and once we reach the snow again are briefly challenged by some winter guards, however once we establish who we are they provide us with giant shadow wings to fly the rest of the way to the winter court.

Entering The Winter Court

We enter the winter court and the queen is gorgeous! There is a burning bush in the middle of the court and if it goes out the fae will die! It seems to be sourced from the "heart tree".

She welcomes us and after some polite discussion informs us that the king has not entered her realm, although was near her border some time ago. She sent an emissary some while ago however received no word. She is now concerned about the king.

She directs us that "Thorn" will assist us and we take that as a dismissal.

I give her a Banapple as a gift and as she eats it it freezes slightly and there is no juice!! Must find a way to duplicate this!!

Thorn says they had noticed their border had increased slightly but were not concerned until we arrived. He checks with his border guards somehow and two of the shadow guards are not reporting.

He makes Kit and my hoop stone amulets turn red and we don't feel the cold anymore and he gives Haann and Teeanna little burning twigs while they travel in his realm, which seem to have "attunement"as their primary magic.

We head out on our shadow wings "that a way".

After my crash landing the snow seems to have gone away although I can still see it sort of, and Kit realises the snow is a glamour.

I'm really really tired. Really really tired.

An Educational Dream

Now we're standing near a hill, watching Dramus performing some sort of ritual and Kit's lady Kathleen and her children are disembowelling the villagers. We are in some sort of dream!

There is some sort of angelic magic happening here according to Kit. Teeanna is hit by some sort of magic from Dramus! And Kit also! She starts screaming so I throw some banapples at her to help with healing (they have magical healing power of course)!

I see a portal to Oz appear and I briefly consider seeing if I can find some help there, however Haann reminds me we should focus on helping/stopping Dramus so we start up the hill and are suddenly at the top of the hill so tackle Dramus to the ground while Kit chastises his children. Thanks to my Banapple healing magic Teeanna stops screaming and starts making her way up the hill and then she throws away her wedding ring in an attempt to stop Dramus.

Dramus pulls himself away from Haann, breaking and wrecking his own arm in the process. I realise my parents are in an iron cage and I must free them, so I rush over and the cage shatters like paper and all the people are freed!

Teeanna and Haann engage in a discussion regarding the importance of being fae and after awhile we realise that Dramus has been summoning a demon Savnok who appears from the ground and is 130ft tall and pussy. Savnor strikes all of us in different ways, Teeanna falls to the iron ground and we wake up.

Awake Again

We appear to be ok and uninjured and after comparing dreams realise it was a shared dream which may have been caused by my falling asleep.

A Peaceful Night

A discussion on the nature of immortality and how that relates to risk taking as guild members occurs and then we decide to continue heading towards the boundary between winter and summer, which is "purely by coincidence" away from where we magically fell asleep. Kit is just about able to see through the glamour.

Watch Order:

  • Haann
  • Kit
  • Kit
  • Me

Teeanna elects to skip taking a shift. The night passes without incident and I make a passing good breakfast (well actually more like lunch).

Yaks and spiders

Kit summons some yaks for us to ride the rest of the way to the boundary as our shadow wings have run out. We encounter a small reasonably well dressed boy "John" who says his new mum is the queen and is lost. He can't remember his real mum and his plain of origin is Alucia and is looking for his 13 "brothers and sisters" who he met here. Teeanna hypnotises him and he tells us:

  * He only remembers going to sleep one night and waking up with his new mummy.
  * He mentions some people in a cave near here but they were unfriendly so he kept searching.
  * There were also some big spiders near the cave being directed by the unfriendly people and spinning webs.
  * One of the unfriendly men had lots of tattoos on his face.

We send "John" on his way and head towards where he said the cave is.

Kit's advice to Haann: "make sure that when you go shopping for buttons they are orphaned buttons"

We travel for awhile and on the other side of a shallow valley is a cave covered with spider webs. We walk to the cave unseen, making sure I can see invisible things and as we get close Teeanna has a vision of the future of some oddness and an unexpected person in the cave who wouldn't normally be here (her father).

As we get closer to the cave a figure appears - its my father and he's casting a spell! But it also appears to be Teeanna's father, Kit's wife, and Dramus to Haann? He/she casts some sort of cobweb in front of the cave.

Teeanna sends a phantasm towards the figure, however makes a bit of noise and the figure peers around, so we stalk away from where we were in case of reprisals as Teeanna refuses to scuttle.

Teeanna senses via telepathy one mind casting a ritual, another not nice human mind that wants to be freed, another mind that appears to be in control, four spider minds that are spinning webs, roughly a dozen smaller spider minds and hundreds of very small spider minds. Haann feels fairly bad due to all the life being born. Kit creates some rhinos to charge down the cob webs, however as they get closer to the cave, they start shrinking. Kit recognises this from another adventure and thinks the magic ranks are being reduced in some way.

Teeanna casts another couple of phantasms and we move forward.....

Rescuing the King

We battle the spiders, rescue the king and return him to his court.

The largest waterfall we have ever seen

After leaving the court we travel into the mists again and I can't see anything.

Teeanna and Haann say there are 3 paths ahead of us, D'Arbre, Asheth, and a high mana zone/area.

We agree it should be checked as it "poses a clear and present risk that is interesting".

We travel down the path for roughly half an hour and then come out of the mists and find ourselves in a big (1000 feet wide) spherical cave (with mist all around) with a 600 foot across hole with water (smells faintly of the sea?) falling (spiralling) from a hole in the top to a hole in the bottom.

We see whales and fish and lots of sea creatures. There is an extreme mana zone following the spiral of the water.

Kit and Haann work out roughly 55 million cubic feet per second!

This is the hugest amount of falling water I have ever seen!!

There are many paths leaving this cave into mist, some of which Teeanna and Haann know eventually lead to Asheth.

I 'look' at the water and work out its from Alucia however the mana is a mixture from Alucia and the fae realm. Teeanna and Haann realise a transfer of mana is happening in that one of the mana strands is strong at the top and becomes weaker as it flows down and the other mana strands is the reverse.

Teeanna and Haann look a little bit into the future and it seems like stepping into the water ends up with us on a tropical island so we decide to jump in with hairnets of breathing, with Haann transformed into a swordfish first..

An educational interlude - 29th Meadow 813 WK

After 4-5 minutes in the flow (no buffeting) we come out into normal water not too far from the surface (the flow comes out horizontally) and we spy a tropical island near by. The mana spreads out as tendrils towards the island.

We steam on the beach to dry out and have some food and a rest until the stars come out and Kit recognises we are near the Isles of Freedom and recognises this isle as having some powerful places and entities.

Just then Lord Chaaff (the blue dragon elf) steps out onto the beach near us, wishes us well while commenting that we are here before our fore ordained time to assist with some strife??? He transports us to his residence via dragon fire breath (what a way to travel!) and offers his hospitality.

He tells us that the mana waterfall is used by he and his brothers to provide protection for this isle by passing it through the fae realms which the king and queen support. The in point for the waterfall is a little distance from the isle. The whole mechanism was designed by Roche, the great gold dragon.

Returning home - 30th Meadow 813 WK

Lord Chaaff graciously offers us a portal to nearish the manor and then we use wings to get the rest of the way, where we bid Kit farewell and see that Dramus' tower is here so we go to see him. We travel to Asheth where Dramus has prepared a feast and fireworks for Teeanna and his anniversary.

Something dark this way comes

I realise something is odd about Dramus - he seems to have been possessed, or hag ridden or something. There is a dark pall around his head, emanating from his nose and mouth, and I can sense a presence surrounding him. He's really really evil and I have to fight really hard to do anything at all……..

To do

  • Return the Summer King to his court, so that he may help the Coração da escuridão court move from Winter to Summer (Unseelie to Seelie).
  • Track down the elf L'Qant and see why he and his ?demon? ?voice? ?patron? are interested in the protection zones of D'arbres and the Isles of Freedom; particularly D'arbres, as this mission is to aid one of the courts in D'arbres.
  • Learn more about managing the cycles of Faery courts, both from inside and outside perspectives.



Summer 813wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1 2 3 4 5 White Lotus 6
Moon1.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon2.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon3.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 We are employed 26 Prepare and depart by aeir ship to Kit's village and stay in the local inn for the night 27 Breakfast, then into the forest and then into the fae
Moon0.jpg 28 29 30 Return to the manor house and then Asheth