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Moonshae is a female elf of unknown age, above average height, and lithe build. Very dexterous and fast.

Known to be a "Black Mage" although College is unconfirmed, but may be Earth rather than Witchcraft. Moonshae's patron is unknown. She favours the bow as her weapon of choice (and has considerable prowess in this weapon), having several different bows for various purposes. She is an excellent assassin with the bow, able to strike a target from considerable distance; perhaps as much as 1/2 a mile.

Tends to dress in the forest greens of her patron -- these may also be for concealment -- and in dealings with the pair she is seldom seen. Very highly ranked Assassin, Alchemist, Military Scientist, Ranger, Spy and Thief.


Moonshae has a demonic familiar, which may appear as a snake, and may be an illusionist. It probably has the powers of an Imp but may be more powerful.

GM Note

Moonshae's patron was Leraje, the Marquis of Archers but with his destruction (and most folk having no recollection of his ever existing) her patronage is unknown at this time.

Previously during negotiations Moonshae would tend to stay at some distance (preferably unseen) and allow Raithe to conduct their affairs. There was speculation that this may be because of some "curse" of her patron; Leraje loved strife and chance meetings between normally neutral parties would often end in bloodshed; Moonshae's presence may have or have had a similar though lesser effect. Again the state of this effect is currently unknown.