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The Mithrian Portal System was named such by the Adventurer and Explorer Jonathan Livingston because the blessing of Mithros is requested in the invocation to effect transfer between portals. Jonathan Livingston is an ancestor of one of the Mage families settling Paradise, he and his party discovered and explored the system over 100 years ago.

At its creation it is believed there were 21 Portals in the Mithrian system. It seems each portal was linked to other portals thousands of miles away on the same plane, as well as portals on a number of other planes.

All known portals are much the same. Each is a building, the floor and roof of which are made of single red stone slabs 20 ft square; the roof is supported by 4 white stone pillars, one at each corner; and there are no walls. Each of the 4 white pillars is 18 inches square and 15 ft high. Inlayed on the inner faces are 20 golden symbols (a column of 10 on each face), each symbol represents a different destination within the system. Each floor and roof slab is inlayed with silver runes and symbols, the symbol representing the portal you are currently at is prominant in the roof inlay.

To transfer from one portal to another you stand on the stone floor slab, lay your hand upon the symbol of your destination and say "Great Mithros bless us and grant us safe passage to our destination". Then every thing and one within the building is instantly transferred to the portal building at that destination. The phrase has been tried in both the common and elvish languages with the same effect.

Mithrian Portal Symbols
1 Rue 8 Not working 15 Not working
2 Iska 9 Omega 16 Iska
3 Frigidia 10 Iska Jungle clearing 17 Rue
4 Omega 11 Sol - Desert oasis East of Halfling & Dwarven Territory 18 Omega
5 Sol - Paradise portal 12 Rue - Continent of Mordan 19 Not working
6 Rue 13 Omega 20 Sol
7 Iska 14 Sol - near nomads. Only destinations working are: 5,11,20 21 Frigidia - in small side cave

So far only some of the portals have been visited by Guild Members.
One Portal in the system on the Plane of Frigidia is part of the route commonly used to travel to and from this group of planes and Alusia.
All 4 of the portals on the plane of Sol have been visited at one time or another.
It should be noted that portal 14, the one used by the local Nomads as a summer trading post has been damaged and only a few symbols remain. One can only access the Portals on the plane of Sol from this portal.
The sixth visited portal is on the continent of Mordan on the Plane of Rue.
The last portal to have been visited is in a clearing in a southern tropical jungle on the plane of Iska.