Mist over Bluegrass

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Scribe Notes: Session – Spring 806

GM: Jono Bean
Level: Low.
Night: Tuesday nights starting 12th Sept.
Time: 6:30pm until 11:30pm (sometimes later).
Location: 31 Methuen Road Avondale - for a map click here or phone (021) 173-4060.
Mission: A message had been recieved from the head man of the hamlet of Bluegrass who is seeking help.
Style of Game: Low combats with high risk (as you are low level), and low reward.

New players/characters: -

  1. Bridget / Daizy Pâquerette - Cow-girl and Party Scribe.
  2. Brett / Ghede - Voodoo Wicca mage.
  3. Elain / Jaundice - A skilled Fire mage.
  4. Nick / Ath bo heleg - Celestial Dark mage.
  5. Jim / Valentine - A skilled warrior / Fire mage and Party leader.
  6. William / Lothar - A brave E&E Mage.
  7. Michael / Vladimir - A landless noble.

This is a fun and light hearted game. Please don't spoil our fun! If you would like to make any comments on the discussion page please use charm and diplomacy.- Bridget

Our Mission:

The guild approaches Valentine and asks him to form a party. Is to Report to the headman in Bluegrass. They are having problems with Mc Greedy the Sheriff.

Here I offer the scribe notes in Common Bluegrass and Lalange Bluegrass

Ath's diary notes records the events from his point of view.