Missy Ratajkowski

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To be populated by Spys

Missy Ratajkowski is said to have been rescued by Lord Azzur from the Drow of the Elven Isles. She is romantically involved with Lord Azzur of Calder. She is a capable and alluring Elven courtier and is said to be the most one of the beautiful woman in the Western Kingdom, and this is supported by the fact that she turns heads in public and people stop in the street upon seeing her. Even your agent has said that his heart skipped a beat when seeing her.

She is known to speak many languages and is said to be a good and kind person who loves poetry, songbirds, and kittens. She has given arms to the poor and supported many issues within Calder and courtiers have noted that she receives letters from any that have had the good fortune to deal with her. She is said to be on good terms with Reeve Stephen Willowtown and Lieutenant Duncan Sil who are both trusted servants or agents or henchmen for Lord Azzur.

Killed by a guild party