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MiddleMarch is an Un-Seelie fae realm. If if has a terrestial location or association this is un-known. It is thought to have regular contact with both the Seelie and UnSeelie Realms near D'arbres

Inhabitants are known to speak a range of fae languages but not any mortals ones.


The realm seems to cover tens, if not hundreds, of miles. It is hot and humid, and the air resonates with the sound of birds and insects. The water sparkles and the flora and fauna are in rich vibrant colours. In contrast the sky is always hazy, and mists drift through frequently.

It is mostly forested wetlands, with huge old trees and many, many waterways. The waterways team with fish, and many birds and small furry critters hunt them.

One large region is more open with few trees but tall reedbeds, occasional open water and coastal birdlife. Hidden in the reeds are occasional low grassy mounds.

There is a single low rocky hill, known to all as The Highlands. It is covered with open deciduous woods. One small valley has a ring of Silver Birch and travellers using the fae mists always arrive in this dell. From there is a path leading down to the Kobold village and waters edge. The Kobold village is a dozen small stone cottages with slate roofs in a circle. Nearby is a small stone wharf with a few punts.

The Court is in a deep dark forest pool, the edges interlaced with roots from the huge trees.


The court of Middle March is made up of at least a dozen nixies. They are human sized with white/green skin, golden hair, webbed digits, gills and sharp green teeth. They wear bright feather cloaks, aligator skin armour and use harpoons. They have both fey and water magics.

It is unknown if they have names amoungst themselves as they use titles with the other fey, eg. Lord, Lady, Crone, Witch, Warrior, Hunter, Bard, Hostess, Sheild, Healer.

While Un-Seelie they are not automatically hostile to visiting fae, but are completely indifferent to the fate, interests or wealfare of mortals.


Fossegrim: live wholely in the water and have nests deep in mud banks. They are omnivores with ¾ of their diet animal based. While intelligent these fossegrim are not really tool users and their only magic is that intrinsic to fey. They live mostly solitary. They will happily eat sentients unless they have been recognised by the Court.

Fenlings: (cf brownie) The fenlings are small cheerful folk with Mediterranean colourings. They are very social and musical (singing, bird calls, reed pipes). They live in extended family groups on floating reed rafts with small houses, and move around on little reed canoes (maybe 3" by 1"). They are hunter/gatherers especially fishing, bird trapping, harvesting water plants and seeds and also do simple weaving from flax & water plant fibres. They dress in feathers and linen, normally in natural colours but have festival clothes in bright colours. Names are one syllable from natural noises & sights, eg: Splash, Drip, Flutter, Sway, Chirp, Squeak

Unlike most of the Realm they are curious and predisposed to be friendly.

Will'o'wisps: (cf pixie). Tiny winged fey with chameleon abilities, mostly appearing as large insects. They move in flocks of 6-12. It is hard to hear them speak as they have high quiet voices which fade into the background ambient noise. They have only a short term memory and are very easily distracted so it is difficult to relate to them as sentients.

Kobolds: There is a village of Kobolds living in the "Highlands". They look superficially like elderly dwarves, a smaller, weaker and greyer with very gnarly faces. They are artisans and dress in bright clothes.

They are general shy, but as they are near the main travelling route they are courteous to unknown fae, and may help mortals. They will ferry appropriate visitors to the Court.

Mortals There are no mortals living in this realm