Michael (the adventurer)

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Michael is, complicated. He is instantly recognisable, even in a crowd and seems to stand out from those he is with. He appears proud, confident and sumpremly dangerous. This is because he is all those things. He is a ruthless, efficient killer and is unhampered by petty considerations that the weak and powerless call 'conscience' or 'morality'. However, he suffers from a heart of gold. Deep down, Michael is a good man.

He regards this as a massive character flaw.

Most people are constantly tempted to small evils and minor betrayals. Michael is the opposite, a stone cold killer constantly tempted to acts of mercy and compassion. And because he is who he is these involve daring rescues, battles against impossiable odds and treading where no sane mortal would dare tread. Michael is a hero.

He tells himself constantly that he can give it up any time he wants. He doesn't have to rescue people from slavery, assault the Gates of Death or send Daemons howling into the Abyss. It just happens that way. He tells himself that doing these acts is all a clever ruse. That when the revolution comes the silly white hats won't line him up against the wall with the rest of the scum. That it's the perfect cover. That he's really a bad person deep down.

Michael is played by William.