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The Sword, Sword of Light

Michael always appears as a stunningly handsome young, blond man, dressed all in red, and armoured for war, wielding his great two-handed sword, Ira (Wrath), that blazes with the fire of his righteous anger. Michael may appear with great feathered wings, and/or riding a sentient pegasus. His animal servants are often great boars.

Michael's office is that of warrior and he leads the Elohim's fight against the Powers of Darkness. He destroys and confounds the works of evil and the Demons whenever possible, and charges his Agents, the Michaelines, to do the same.

Michael is rash and bloodthirsty and prefers to charge into battle, so as to defeat the unholy by strength of arms. He impatiently awaits Nightfall, (the resumption of the War of the Powers), and has been known to be involved in many plans to hasten its arrival.

Michael is extremely suspicious of Mages and will very seldom accept them as Agents. He expects all his Agents to be warriors, and to fight courageously against the Powers of Darkness, their Agents, and followers. All of Michael's followers, the Michaelines are also active in this respect.

Michael is a mighty Warrior, and a superb Military Scientist (even though he will tend to counsel attack in most situations). Michael is very beautiful to look at and may inspire Awe. Although his avatar cannot cast magic he may initiate various magical talents upon himself, including offensive and defensive abilities and some mentalism. Michael's avatars have extremely high resistance to magic, and many spells cast at his avatar will fail or backfire as though they were being automatically Actively Resisted.

An avatar of Michael always wields his two-handed sword, which is of incredible quality, and with which he has prowess beyond that of mortals. His sword can strike any target, even those usually immune to weapons. His avatar wears red plate armour of some light-weight material. Whenever he enters combat Michael becomes surrounded by a coruscating aura that provides significant defense.

Michael's avatar will seldom manifest except in the thick of battle, where he will immediately plunge into the combat wielding his great sword.