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40 Mechanician (Ver 2.2)

40.5 Trap Construction

Rank A trap is considered to have a Rank, which is the Effective Rank that the mechanician used in the construction of the trap. The Rank of a trap may be less than or equal to the Rank of the mechanician constructing it.

Time & cost The time and cost to create a trap will vary greatly, depending on the complexity, size and nature of the trap.

The most commonly encountered type of mechanician trap is the precision trap. This is the type of small needle or blade trap that may be set into or adjacent to locks or other precision devices.

A lock or similar device may have up to Rank / 3 (round up) traps on or adjacent to it.

The time to build each trap is (11 + Trap Rank - mechanician Rank) hours.

The cost is (125 × Trap Rank) sp, minimum of 50, plus the cost of poisons, alchemical materials.

A triggered trap may be reset by any Mechanician whose Rank is at least half that of the trap. This will take (11 - mechanician Rank) hours. A trap may need refuelling.

A mechanician may disable or re-enable one of their own traps in (12 - mechanician Rank) minutes.

Triggering The precise actions that will trigger a trap must be specified at the time that the trap is constructed. Traps on a lock or other precision device are automatically triggered if the device is operated in the pre-specified manner and the traps have not been removed or disabled.

Damage A trap may be built that causes physical damage or explosively discharges its contents in a cone up to (Trap Rank + 1) feet wide and (10 + Trap Rank) long, or activates the mechanical trigger of a “spell container”.

A precision trap that causes physical damage may cause up to [D10 + Trap Rank] Damage Points. It may also be poisoned, coated with acid, etc., so as to cause additional damage.

40.6 Spell Containment

A mechanician may use this ability to create a spell container, or magical trap, with a mechanical trigger.

Construction A mechanician with the “spell containment” and “fine materials” abilities can build a mechanical device into which a spell can be stored. The device is usually referred to as a magical trap, or a spell container. The device is made out of silver, truesilver or starsilver. Often the device is built inside or incorporating other materials with which the mechanician is familiar.

Spell Storage A single charge of a suitable spell may be stored in the trap or container by an Adept successfully casting a spell into the device after performing Ritual Spell Preparation. A double or triple effect stores an enhanced spell as specified by the Adept. A failure has no effect. A backfire affects the Adept as normal, and also results in the device being damaged so that 20% more time and materials are required before another try at storing a spell may be attempted. The spell to be stored must include a Storage type of “Magical Trap”.

Triggering The precise actions that will trigger the device must be specified at the time that the device is constructed. When these actions are performed the spell is released. The spell stored must either affect only the entity or object that triggered the release of the spell, or affect an area in relation to the device. All variable spell effects, such as direction and volume affected, must be defined at the time of storage. Once the spell has been triggered the device is useless, although metal equal to 10% of the cost may be recovered. If the spell is dissipated, then 20% of the cost may be recovered.

Time to construct 25 - (2 × mechanician Rank) hours.

Time to store spell (Spell Rank - mechanician Rank) hours (minimum 1, maximum 10).

Cost (Spell Rank (minimum 1) × Spell EM) + 100 sp.

Minimum Weight (16 - mechanician Rank) ounces.