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A 3' 6" female halfling of youthful appearance, moderate build and pleasing features. Her most notable physical attributes are the white feathered wings that sprout from her back, extending some 7 feet when fully open. She also goes invisible irregularly -- when stunned, asleep, concentrating hard...

Her adventuring clothes are somewhat unusual; she favours quite ornate gilded cuirbolli armour, with an armoured kilt and greaves, and a helmet with bright tropical bird feathers. She normally carries a pair of shortswords.

Mary M is a Namer and master Healer, and known by many to be a follower of the Powers of Light, in particular Sammael.

Some people know that she is a daughter of an ex-Guild member: Aloysius Took.

On Combat

"War is not a game. Combat is not a sport. Diplomacy and discussion are better alternatives to combat, and you only fight when there is no better choice available.

You fight in defence of your life, your friends, and innocents. You don't fight just to try and see who is best.

Having committed to combat you fight to win, doing the absolute best you can with the weapons and skills you have, and you take whatever advantages the enemy offers. The aim is to take enemies out of the fight. You don't hit people once they're down or no longer a threat.

After the battle you tend to the wounded; your own first and then the enemy. You never kill prisoners or captives".

Mary-M is played by Helen Chessum.

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