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Marseille (self portrait).

Aka Tarquin ffiske. Marseille is not his real name but one made up on the spur of the moment when questioned a/h by a town guard. He liked it and kept it.

He served briefly in an unimportant militia cavalry regiment.

He is a human 18 years old tall, thin with long red hair & as his precarious finances allow, expensively garbed (fashion).

His father, a respected small landowner of a military background, before disowning his memory & casting him out for the final and last time, made sure he knew how to ride a horse & use a sword - probably to assist in escaping / defending himself against creditors & angry relatives.

He can pass as gentry He is a 5th son.

Skills: Artist Courier Spy Thief Mil scil

Mind Mage

Marseille’s artworks include:

An oil portrait of a giant golden dragon in its lair on top a treasure pile. This painting will convince all others of Marseille Mastery & has other magical powers.

Fresco of Arawn, god of the Hunt, in manly pose.

Large formal portrait of Lath, Merchant Prince (rank 12 art)

Oil painting giant goblin centaur with lance.

Oil painting of Lothar the Manticore dining.

Water colour portrait & working sketch of Squire James Thornton, a Ghost & murder victim, in his living room.

Etching of 6 member guild party in combat v 3 x trolls. Amira, Eydis, Cayed, Estelle, May & Marseile.

One “pimped” coach. Enamel & goldleaf.

Large oil nude portrait of Leela. (adventurer).

A ships Captain & her ship sailing at sea.

An aerial banner advertising free settlement for Borovians to be hauled by a griffon.

8 x portraits of rich widows/patrons.