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Started as a simple one page replacement for the paper based charactersheet it grew and grew over the last few (12 as of 2006) years into the charactersheet now available on the site. The charactersheet is now used by 10-12 players in the game and is regularly under development to add extra features and to keep up with the ever changing rules.

This Charactersheet has been superseded by the DQ Community Character Sheet which is effectively Version 9.* of this Charactersheet. No additional development work will be completed on the V8.* sheets and if you require assistance migrating from V8 to V9 I will be happy to assist.

The rest of the documentation will remain here for historical record or for those of you who cannot utilise the V9 due to Macro issues.

The charactersheet is best used for new characters. Due to the way items and abilities take characters beyond the rules the sheet will need to be edited to allow for such things. As a result putting older characters onto the sheet will result in you having to make a number of changes dependent on how odd your character is.

While the spreadsheet does do a large number of things for you it cannot do everything. If you need a specific modification for an ability your character has I am happy to be contacted and produce something for you.

Latest version

This is the latest full release of the spreadsheet but it is still in playtest. I recommend filling in information on the Ranking Sheet prior to playing with other pages. Most things are linked from this central sheet.

Other Charactersheets

Other people with excellent charactersheets of their own are

  • Stephen Martin
    • Mine is stored in two xls files, one for reference material and the macros, the other for the character data. I use Powerpoint to put together the final printable character sheet. It has grown and evolved with my characters and the rules as they changed, and as I've discovered new ways of doing things in Excel. My character sheet is not portable to OpenOffice, several of the macros and formula don't work. If anybody really wants a copy let me know but minimal support is offered with it.
    • Every now and then I get enthused about starting over, creating a character sheet and ranking system in MySQL and PHP that others can use online. Usually this stalls at the design phase while trying to decide which way to build. So I'd like to try sharing the Online Charactersheet project to see if that helps get it past the design phase.
  • Errol Cavit
    • I don't know about 'excellent', but I am happy to share my design with others. Rather than trying to cover every possibility in a structured way, some confidence in Excel is required to maintain my Celestial or Namer file.
  • Neil Davies
    • The focus of my character sheets is on simple, quick and automated ranking, where I don't have to bother about working out time-stream details, and you can press a single button to commit the ranking ,produce a report and carry forward all new ranks and figures etc. I'm putting this functionality into a completely new version of Mandos' spreadsheet (V9), which is far more comprehensive on the rules than mine. Stay tuned...

If you have one and you want to let people know about feel free to add yourself to the page.


These are for version 8.7.* As I play with the charactersheet all the time I may miss things. If people are aware of eccentricities please add them to these instructions.

Current Version

The following charactersheets are the latest version (8.7.5)

These charactersheets are still only available in the previous version (8.7.4)

Any bugs, errors, or issues should be added to the Bug Tracker

Suggestions/Bug Report

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