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A handsome male Elf, Fire Mage played by Conrad.

Air elemental powers

People affected by the Air Elemental Bind receive the following:

They may make a PCx2 check to use the elemental side of themselves and then PCx2 to return to basic form
Once they have become elemental they may choose one of the following three forms

Cloud Form

The body will change into a light wispy cloud form and will lose all physical weight and begin to rise up into the air. Players must make a WP check x3 to avoid floating away. Opponents trying to hit a cloud form being will receive a negative 60 percent strike chance. Players in cloud form will not be able to hold anything and all solid items will fall off them instantly. Players may reshape themselves at will. Strong wind will affect the cloud form by blowing it away. Players may make a x2 WP check to avoid this.

Wind Form

The body will change into a contained whirlwind. All solid items worn will be swept into the whirlwind and any items weighing less than 10 pounds in the surrounding hexes will also be swept up. Players will gain +10 strength for the purposes of pushing or pulling.

Internal Change

The person may change their mindset into that of an Air Wizard. They may gain access to the Air College of spells and natural talents. These may be ranked as normal at a cost of an additional 20 percent. These can only be accessed and ranked in Air Wizard form.