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The industrial city of Magdeburg is the economic powerhouse of the Duchy. As a free city within the Duchy it is controlled by the High Lords and is a major source of their income. Grim and unattractive, the city contains over five large foundries and dozens of finishing shops. Along with iron, copper, tin, silver, gold and limited amounts of mithril are produced in its furnaces.

In addition to smelting, the city also produces leather and glass in quantity. Gems and jewelery is also a major industry, and high quality brassware.

Minor NPCs

Connor Demph

Connor travelled to Tuscana with his sister Brenda as a refugee from the wars around their home in North Western Aladar. He stayed on here to work in the mines in Northern Tuscana. He rose to foreman and then manager of the northern mines through diligent work, fair play and driving others as he does himself. He is often found in the inns surrounding Magdeburg where he will gamble with his pay from the mines and he always seems to come away richer than when he started. He calls on his sister Brenda whenever he comes down from the mines.