MMHS Mechanicians Guild

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Known in Reichspiel as Der Mittlemarkhaupstadt Maschine Aufbauakademie this select group of highly ranked designers, artificers and mages typifies the creativity, imagination, and borderline sanity that is often associated with the Mechanician's trade.

The group works with local and foreign experts to visualise and realise magnificent, but largely impractical and oftentimes downright dangerous machinery, suggest unlikely civil improvements to the city of MMHS, and when forced by necessity of funds has even been known to train the odd student.

The "Academy" as they prefer to be known was brought into the limelight in Autumn of 801 after they lost their "Straßengebäudemaschine" (an ingenious self-powered road-building machine of barn-like proportions).

The machine was never recovered intact, a major set back for the Academy, but they have considerable experience with disastrous results and are no doubt even now working on an even more ambitious project.

Known Members

  • Guildmeister Wenzel Schloß
    • Theorist and design integrator (human male of middle years; often appears confused)
  • Graf Spangler Hohenlohe-Bassenheim
    • Designer (tall, thin, human male of middle years)
  • Engelbertina Vendt
    • A Binder (robust human female of middle years)
  • Gunter-volker Sinzendorf
    • Engineer (An elderly human male)
  • Isentraud von Isenberg
    • Engineer (dwarven female)