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Located 232,000 miles from Alusia orbiting with a synodic period (time from new moon to new moon) of 28 days and a siderial period (relative to the stars) of 26 days.

This body has a thin, but breathable, atmosphere but is mainly devoid of life. The ancent city of Serendip (one of the Seven Ancient Cities) (and the associated portals) are buried below the dust of Mare Serenitatis. Nearby is a hive of insectoid creatures that had enslaved the remaining population.

Mare Tranquillitatis also used to be inhabited by the inhabitants of Serendip as outposts have been discovered. These have been long abandoned.

Lunar Non-Sentients

Lunar animals are exclusivly arthropoids, and primarily insectile, due to the need to conserve water in the very dry environment.

  • Dust Bugs Small grey bugs that live in the lunar dust
  • Luna-Worms Dust worms, segmented and millipede like.
  • Giant Ants The creatures the Selenites were derived from. 2ft long, usually red or black

Lunar plants are grey and almost indistinguishable against the dust. They are also adapted to a waterless environment

  • Tumbles Plants that tumble across the dust
  • Dust discs Flat, elliptical discs that lie on the dust surface in the day, and sink in the night or when a shadow falls on them.
  • Scumble A grey moss-like organism that lives in the upper layer of the dust. The principle food of Lunarians and Selenites alike.
  • Drass Dust-grass, the grey grass of Luna

Lunar Sentients


Human norm modified by low lunar gravity, being bred for high MA. All of them are under the effect of a willpower sapping drug (called 'Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy Juice' by the adventuring party) as they are slaves by the Selenites.They do not know how to use simple weapons of magic and are the descendents of the inhabitants of Serendip.


These were originally bred by the Selenites as a cheap labour force but, somewhere along the line, the tables were turned. Now it is the insectoids that are the dominent species. They live in large hives under the surface using Lunarians as slaves. One such hive is located near the buried city of Serendip. There are four forms as detailed below. Selenites are herbivorous, escept in certain circumstances. Their language consists of clicks and buzzes which is unpronouncable by humans. A form of sign language is used to communicate with the Lunarians.

  • Worker The basic Selenite form and is neuter. It resembles a large ant standing approximately six foot high on its rear legs. Their mandibles are able to perform fine manipulation, although not as well as a human hand. The worker sentient is not able to to use magic and, although sentient, is not especially intelligent. Theit carapace is dusky brown, marked with craft signs. They sometimes wear tool-belts. Workers can receive telepathic commands from Queens and Drones, and can transmit simple calls for help in times of crisis.
  • Builder The builder is a more intelligent and dextrous form of the worker, having four fingered chelae. Theit carapace is golden-brown and ornamented with sigils of craft and rank. They customary wear tool belts crossed over the thorax. One builder my be in charge of a band of workers and slaves. Builders can receive telepathic commands from Queens and Drones, and can transmit calls for help in times of crisis.
  • Drone Drones are male selenites, usually composing 2% of the population. They average eight feet in height and have multi-coloured carapaces, often extensively decorated on baroque swirlings of gold and silver. Drones are magic-users as a result of being placed, as embryos, in the bodies of Lunarians of high magical ability. The Lunarian is drugged to unconsciousness as the embryo consumes the huan body and soul, taking on their magical potential. They are more intelligent than workers and are extensive tool users. Drones can communicate telepathically with Queens and Workers to a 200ft range.
  • Queen Usually one per hive. They are female, averaging 25ft in length and have cream or white carapaces. Queens are magic users as a result of being placed in embryos in the bodies of high magic using potential Lunarians, as per drones. They are more inteklligent than works or drones but are sessile and cannot use tools. The rest of the hive serve the queen unreservably and will protect them to the last. Queens can communicate telepathically to a range of 500ft.



This map is from the Ellenic States, and the names are predominantly of Ellenic heroes and poets.

Lunar map1.jpg