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Limedhl Estel, a motley looking brown haired 5'7" wood elf, dirty and scuffed looking dressed in leather armour with a layer of silvered rings on top, a trident hanging from a strap on his back loosely covered by a charcoal coloured silk cloak, and a bow hanging loosely from his shoulder. Notable features are one gold & one silver earring, and a small amount of mud that always seems to linger on the base of his cloak & the edges of his boots. When not armoured he dresses in practical deep blue tunics, with a patchy leather jacket over it and stout pants, while in finer company he wears a finer deep blue tunic over white hose.


Lim is a refugee from Eidilon, fleeing it when it changed from an idealistic drug filled paradise to a threatening city of war. Whatever money or position he or his family may have held has been lost in all the Kerff consumed, that had left Lim living out of the streets making ends meet through the haze. When this all came to an end, he travelled south away from it all, taking advantage of elven reflexes and gambling his way through the human lands. This lasted for several years of travel, after which with the western kingdoms becoming unfriendly towards elves, he wound up in Seagate, where down by the Docks he 'won' his entrance to the Guild and training with the Water College. It is possible in hindsight that the tutor deliberately threw the game, in order to get at least one student that year for the entire guild water college, which appears to suffer a chronic shortage of members.... but who would be that desperate to deliberately loose at cards.
Since then he has gradually fallen into the role of a Heroic Adventurer, realising that there is a need for such a thing in the world and that surprisingly he's actually good at it. This was aided by an early encounter with one of the less dangerous demon avatars where the party was able to surprise the avatar and slay it.
Of late he has been mainly living in Sandspit, a small town along the coast of the Five Sisters, where he is making a living doing some work on ships that stop in there for repairs.


Overall: Medium - Lowish High Mage: Medium Warrior: Medium Utility: Medium Specials: Low

Main Play Style

Lim is a loose follower of the 16 Elven gods. He doesn't stick closely to any particular religious doctrine but does attempt to pay a little more than lip service to their teachings especially around respect for living things. One of the area's he believes strongly in is the spirit of crafted things, and that some things should not be made by magical shortcuts, such as ships, regarding spell created ships as akin to undead. He also is intrigued by the old traditions of the wild hunt but doesn't have a lot of understanding about it yet.

In Combat

If one of the more experienced members of the party Lim acts as a front line warrior, if one of the less experienced as an archer. Saturated Earth may be used to prepare a battlefield if there is time before combat, & Create Fog when in tight indoor situations.

Out of Combat

Lim is a potion mage, doing Waters of Strength, Healing & Restoratives at high ranks. He also has a castable Wave Riding for travel magic.




Lim is an skilled alchemist specialising in Potions, with a couple of abilities to help with making potions.

Beast Master

He also is a skilled Beast-master focusing on Aquatics & Amphibians.


Below are some of the significant spells Lim has learnt, he has all the generals ranked to a reasonable level.


  • Waters of Healing
  • Waters of Strength

Non standard magics

  • Falling star
  • Creating restoratives
  • Enhance animal
  • Meditation
  • Demonic counter-spell (All Colleges)

Other Stuff

  • Hand & 1/2 that detects master ranked thieves within 20'.
  • Amulet that provides limited resistance to draining.
  • Special Unarmed that counts as Silvered currently, will eventually count as magic.