Like the Night

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Like the Night
GM: Jim Arona
Season: Autumn 814 wk
Night: Wednesday
Level: Medium




Hired to go to another plane called "Reich" to investigate information about a meeting at the Island of Meroë.
Dellith has been to Reich before. She ssays that they don't have magic but have something else. Immortals are at half strength.


Nothing, since we blew up the employer

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Masquerade wants us to investigate a meeting happening on Reich.
Some major players at the meeting, including Colonel Ishii, The Biologian, a transuranian, Captain Tanaka, ...
Known location of the meeting is at the Island of Meroë (not actually an island) on Reich on such and such a date.
Being a big gathering of bad guys they are bound to be up to no good

We do some very basic planning. Primarily we will be an Italian family on holiday, Mario (father), Dellith (mother), Clem (child) and we have disguises to match. Also have servant guises provided in case we want to infiltrate a catered meeting. Other than that, we are off
Note to self after the fact: Perhaps we should have thought more about how to communicate any info we find out back to interested parties in a timely manner, and also how we we are to get home

Masquerade gets us to western seaboard of America, can't remember how. He has allies there who can assist us. We meet an elf by the name of the Widow Click. She provides us with some grenadoes and tommy guns. Mario inspects her etchings.
We are flown to the city of Monrovia on the western coast of Africa. We make our own way across country via various means of personal flight. Close by to the destination we decide to try our hand at robbery to expand our available cash float. The night time infiltration and cleaning out of a jewelery store is spectacularly successful, except for the bit where we neglected to check for traps on entering, triggered a silent alarm, and guards with tommy guns arrived just as we were leaving. Carnage ensues and we only just manage to get clear

We take many days to lick our various wounds and heal up enough to move on. This time was spent in the jungle so keeping infection free and avoiding all manner of biting things of various sizes was a minor miracle
As we were flying over the jungle on our next leg of travel, we encountered a flying device with multiple people onboard. It changed course to investigate us so we had to take various types of evasive action to get out of sight. Eventually it flew off and we continued.

Finally arrive at our destination, clean ourselves up, get into character, and check in at a large hotel. We are given a suite, and also can see that a convention is on. Using various means we ascertain:

Most of the known parties are either staying in the same hotel or nearby
There is a major event planned and it will be happening soon (see note above regarding no lines of communication, meaning we need to deal with this ourselves!)
Part of the major event is a large death event. We suspect this could involve a large number of the convention attendees. (note to self, check the rugs and furnishings etc for signs of tampering)
A sacrifice has arrived in the last few days. While sacrifice and death event seem similar, they sound seperate. It just so happens that we encounter Beauty in the lobby of the hotel a couple of days in, could she be the sacrifice? (note to self, Masquerade seeks Beauty. He finds her every so often, in an immortal sense, has a few years with her, then tragically loses her. I wonder how long since their last tryst?)
Galvinism is noted as part of things
Captain Tanaka hates Colonel Ishii and would like nothing better than to cut him in half, but is held back by obligation (note to self - could he be someone we could find a way to work within his obligations while helping achieve his inner desires?)
There is at least one transuranian in the hotel. Mister Wulf could fit this bill, or there may be others. Definitely need to be careful on ESP and Telepathy as they are psychics and tried to track Mario
Captain Tanaka has some tasks to achieve, forgot the details, and another meeting coming up which we should try and attend in some fashion

At this point we have limited information and need to add more details (I would normally use the words "flesh out" here, but deemed it inappropriate given the presence of the Colonel). Do we have any possible allies? Captain Tanaka? Underground resistance of some sort (remnants of the Allies)?

Session 2

Captain Tanaka's task is to unload some barrels and get them to the hotel. The mental concept is of frosted glass containers, in the shape off upside down truncated cones.

THe mental image of the person he is to meet is a tall blonde man in a tophat with a long thin face, but a heavy jaw, a rugged colonial type, weathrebeaten but well dressed including a blue silk lined opera cape, though the weather is too warm for that. There is a pin in his bow tie which is a large non-ruby red gem.

After encountering beauty in the hotel we follow him down towards the docks. We see a freighter. Then we see the blonde man. Danger sense goes off so we move away. At the same time Dellith is grabbed from behind and dragged behind a palm tree, by a small Korean man who knows her (from the Lady Vanishes). He has set charges and we should move away.His features shift to Berberish. His name is unknown but we will call him Kamir. He is a saboteur, a mind mage, an associate of the widow Click. He tell us that top hat is the Dark Hunt. He is not usually seen unless he is on a job or murdering prostitutes from which he gets his miracle pool.

The freighter is really a submarine. Kamir wants to blow it up in the Suez Canal. He is on the side of the allies and works for Lord Windgate, in Chinditz in Burma. In the meantime he has set up charges near the ship to be triggered by TK impact.

He doesn't know anything about the event coming up. He is willing to help us (his team is some weeks away). He has been practicing to be Tanaka, it is part of his long term plan, so we plan to kidnap him and infiltrate the group. So we lurk. The barrels are very heavy. A limited precog shows that it is hydrageum, used in making transformations permanent.

Mario's danger sense goes off again...we can't see the Dark Hunt. We are spooked by this and scarper. On the way back to the hotel we find a disemboweled lady of the night in an alley, and her entrails are burning in a brazier which can't be smelled until very close. We get back to the hotel. The barrels have be trucked up to the 5th floor.

None of us seem to be marked with a "hunter's mark".

The next morning we hang around the hotel looking for a chance to get Beauty on side or to kidnap Tanaka. At morning tea Beauty is sitting with Dark Hunt. She appears enamoured with him. They play tennis in the afternoon.

Beauty is Masquerades miracle pool when not incarnate ie 95 years out of 100. Within 5 years of incarnation she meets up with Masquerade and is killed tragically. She has been incarnate 5 days so far.

Mark is dead. Masquerade is now looking after the valley of death has a portal to there from his "Keep of Faces". THe Valley of Death has access to everywhere that mortals are.

Tanaka turns up in the afternoon and has a brief converse with Ishi. We set up to ambush him as he leaves but make an almost fatal error. We set Dellith up to tempt him into a room, but her wayward image attracts the Dark Hunt, slayer of whores. Fortunately grenades blow off both his arms after he disembowels Dellith and he gives up the chase.

By this time panic has ensued throughout the hotel due to grenades and bears. With Clem back in small child form, we all flee the hotel and catch Tanaka outside. The gestapo ritual team (part of the evil plan) turn up at this time as does Tanaka's submarine in the form of a giant walking fish. The gestapo panic and we steal their bus.

We bind Tanaka's will and find out: The nazi ritual team were going to create and disseminate a burning plague, which would kill everyone in the city, they would all be linked to the Dark Hunt. The Biologian, Transuranian and Ishi would use it to pervert beauty, slay her and use the mana pool.

Dantalion the Duke of Faces wants to take the Keep of Faces. In London Victoria Set is waiting for Seraphin to be called away so he can take control of the serpentine and get hold of the weapon against Similarities, the difference engine. Tanaka's emperor wants to live forever.

Tanaka is also supposed to move small killer drones from Germany to Burma. There are also mindflayers involved who set the image of the Dark Hunt in his mind before he met him.

We head back to the hotel. The best plan we can come up with is to blow up the hotel with the baddies in it and include Beauty so that they can't use her. The only way we can do this is a suicide mission by Lathron since he has a house of life and will come back in a year and a day.

Mario has an idea - he will use points of passion and one miracle point and Masquerade's love for Beauty to call him across to us. And it works - we pick him up in the next graveyard we pass. Unfortunately Masquerade is not rational and starts driving hell for leather to rescue her. We make another plan to rescue her. We can escape in the submarine, but can't travel through death as some of us are injured.

Clem makes an "Accurate Prophecy". We find out that since we have pulled Masquerade away from his keep, Dantalion will take it. Oops. Beauty has been perverted and is up to all kinds of weird stuff with DH. The Biologian is pumping fluid through the hotel plumbing. Ishi has folded up the submarine using origami so we won't be able to escape that way. DH has a temporary hand made of darkness.

In Masquerade's diminished state without a miracle pool, against all those high power baddies the rescue plan has no chance, we stay outside with all Lathron's stuff. Lathron blows up Beauty, Masquerade and the Dark Hunt.

Lathron & Masquerade will be out for a year and a day, Beauty for 95 years, and the Dark Hunt who knows.

We make our way back to the West coast and eventually home.


  • Mario
The Sword of Tiglath
Bracer of Feeling
  • Clementine
The Sheath of the Steppes
  • Dellith
Enhanced Ring of Protection
  • Lathron
Broken Glass
Ring of Identity


Clementine's Award
Dellith's Award
Lathron's Award
Mario's Award


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