Life Wave

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This is an odd sight, in that it is a free standing wave which never seems to break or crest or move inshore.

The location of the wave is on a tropical island in the deep south sea. The island is in a near arctic southern ocean. It has some form of weather control around the island as the temperature of the water and island is tropical, to warm and hot.

A clan of Sea Elves live on the island and offshore close the Life Wave. They are friendly and kind people who speak Elvish. They rarely have contact from the outside world.

Life Wave

The Life wave is an enchanted wave of purer water. The wave comes from the Plane of Life and Plane of Water mixed somewhere and dumped en mass on Alusia daily.

The Life wave when drunk by an entity will bring the feelings of vigor, youth and is very refreshing. The water from the wave could be used in a range of rituals to do with water or life.

If a sentient entity drinks from the wave

  • it will make them Life Aspected.
  • it will make them virile and have an easy pregnancy and or birth with a higher chance of healthy twins.
  • It will make them 20% easier to resurrect for the next few years.
  • It will make them recover fatigue when resting at double the normal rate.
  • It will remove any mental illness (or backfire effects).
  • It will make them regenerate 1 EN per hour for the next year.
  • It will make removing curses from them easier by lowering the WP by 10 points for next 5 years.

GM: Jono Bean
Aura: Magical
Plane of Origin: Alusia / Life / Water
Nature of Magic: Enhancement
Magically Trapped/warded/cursed: No
Level: High+
Game: Spy Game - 817 WK & 818 WK