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Location 15 Miles east of Hugler's Ferry in Brastor.
Population ~0 Living






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month

Lewiston is the crumbling ruins of a town overrun by undead. Most buildings have been burned or knocked down and anything remaining is usually unstable. There are still small bands of lesser undead roaming the ruins and the surrounds.


In 816WK some stories about a hoard of mithril from local mines lost in the town.
None left standing.


None left alive.


808WK - 818 WK

Over the last decade the condition known as the Lewiston Lurgie has become endemic in the miles around Leiston. Travellers entering the area soon develop an unpleasant cough, slowly developing into a hacking cough. Aftering leaving the area the cough often takes many weeks to clear up, even with the assistance of healers.

Lewiston and the surrounding area is often cover in an unnatural fog, occasionally people go missing in the fog.

Summer 808WK

The area is liberally covered with temporal magics causing a stasis. This may be affecting how others think of it, or explain the relative freedom of the undead. There are 500 church knights within a day of here (South Lending), who haven't bothered to wipe out the undead.


Any that spend any time in Lewiston come down with a sickness