Leok Matadar

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For a race of ancient sorcerous beings, typical is a bit of a misnomer. Nevertheless here is a sample Calamar Magus.

Leok Matadar

PS: 18 MD: 16 AG: 14 MA: 25 EN: 28 FT: 32
WP: 23 PC: 22 PB: 8 TMR: 5 NA: Hide absorbs 2 DP

Magic Resistance: 72

Courtier 7 (Bureaucracy, Dress sense, Entertaining, Etiquette x2, Oratory x3)
Beastmaster 6 (Humanoids, Orcoids)
Alchemist 5 (Manufacture Magical potions and compounds)
Dagger 4
War Club 3
Unarmed 6
   Resist Pain         12                         Disruption          16
   Resist Temperature   8                         Healing             12
   Sense Danger         9                         Phantasm            16
   Wizard Sight        16                         Telepathy           13
                                                  Transmutation        9
   Control animal      12                         Ventriloquism       12
   Control person      10                         Opening              9
   Empathy             15                         Enchant weapon      15
   ESP                 10                         Web                 12
   Hypnosis            13                         Mage Lock           10
   Limited Precog       8                         Enhance Enchantment 15
   Mind Cloak          16                         Levitaion            8
   Charming             9                         Enchant Armour      18
   Telekinesis         15                         Wizards Eye         12
   Sleep               15                         Slowness            15
   Walk Unseen         10                         Quickness           18
   Speak Enchanted     14
   Location            15
   Mass Charming       12
   Invisibility        18
   Evil Eye            14

   Binding Will        12
   Greater Enchantment 20
   Crystal Ball        15
   Sleep Dust          20
   Poison Dust         20
Special abilities
May attack unarmed x4 in close combat striking as a garrote (D+3), each successive hit gives the Calamar an effective 5 point PS bonus for close combat purposes.
Ferret plans - Leok is a skilled user of telepathy. If it has the enemy Mil Sci on telepathy or 50% of the opposing force then Leok gets to add his telepathy rank to his sides unengaged initiative.
Magic Items
Restorative potions rk 8 (10/20) x2
6 Rk 15 waters of healing.
Invested Shadowwings Rk 12 x 4
Invested Lightning Bolt Rk 18 x7
Invested Dragon Flames Rk 15 x 4
Invested Trollskin Rk 12 x6
Cloak of Blinding - Cloak can cast Flash of Light Rk 12.
Wand of Phantasms - Is used as war club, on a hit it releases a phantasm of rank equal to half the targets WP, if wielder knows the spell it can add 50% to the rank when cast.

Leok is an inquisitive being with an interest in ancient ruins and the stories they contain. He is at his best when persuing an enigma or mystery. As such he can be easily distracted from what the Imperium considers more pressing matters. Like most calamar he prefers talk and diplomacy to combat.

Can sometimes be found on the Calamar Voidcruiser 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'