Laughing Hills Items

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Pay and Expenses

  • We are told that a valuable painting (involving an elf and a dragon) has been deposited with the Guild as payment for success.
  • Our guide uses large truesilver coin to cover expenses.

Loot from Southern Border Post

  • 4,000sp in coin pillaged from sundry orc bodies (and pre-abandoned clothing).
  • 20,000sp in coin from the pay chest
  • Bracer with 6 charges of Rk15 Enchant Armour (BC 75%)
  • 4x Rk10 Restoratives
  • 20x Rk6 Heal Endurance potions
  • Detailed Orders, Command Diary, Namer's notes
  • Abandoned at scene to sustain impression of soldier's revolt
    • 2 Elven Rk6 spears
    • ~20 Heavy Crossbows
    • Sundry sets of half-plate armour for orcs

Loot from Eastern Border Post

  • Pay Chest 15,000sp
  • Invested Greatsword 6 charges of Rk 10 Weapon of Flames, BC 80% Sword is silvered with +1 bonus to damage
  • Invested Charm 3 charges of Rk 15 Dragonflames BC 75% (all charges now used)
  • 2 wands of Rk 15 Bolt of fire 4 charges and 6 (3?? used by Human?) charges BC 120%
  • Cloak with 4 charges of Rk 20 Shadowform BC 90
  • Wand with 3 charges of Rk 15 Web of DArkness BC 75
  • Multiple Daggers - A pair of enchanted daggers that count as a single item.
  • Multiple pots of stored mana buried
  • 3 pots of stored mana (1 at Guild, 1 used by orc, 1 has been played with)
  • Large bronze weapon, used for hurting gods (at Guild)
  • We buried something else - a golem?? (one complete iron/metal golom and what was left of the second)

Loot from Binder's scrap

  • Suit of Bronze Mage Plate (with permament mind mage resist temp rank 15)
  • Couple of Amulets from fire mage.
  • 18? Fatigue potions from the orcs who rushed us up the stairs as we were dealing to the fire made. (as I remember these were 20 pt healing potions-Michael)

Random plunder from our employer's premises?

  • One Noble Elf's supply of Kirf (value unkown)