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Western Alusia map - Click to zoom.

Western Alusia

This is a link to a layered PDF map. Following the link, will take you to the Google online viewer, once open if you select download you will be able to open in Acrobat Reader and able to select layers on the right of the page.

Western Alusia map - Click to zoom.

WK with correct scale
Western Kingdom and near world with City locations

Western Alusia encompases all the lands 45°W to 45°E and ~60°N to 10°N.
Western Alusia Map pdf or Maps of Western Alusia

Map of the Baronies
Map of the Baronies

The Western Kingdom

The Baronies

The baronies are seperated by the Western Kingdom which splits the area in half. While referred to as baronies they contain a number of independant baronies, counties and kingdoms.
The Baronies index page.

Eastern and Southern Baronies

Western Baronies

Western Baronies

The Frontiers of Alusia

The area encompassed by the original DQ expansion of the same name. Frontiers of Alusia index page.

North West

The Cold Northern lands part of Western Alusia. The North West Index Page

Central and Southern Lands

Central and Southern Alusia is immediately east of Western Alusia at 5W and runs all the way to 80E. In the south the lands run from 10E to 80E.
Central and Southern Lands index page.

Bodies of Water

The body of water bounded by Ebola to the West, Dakhini to the North, the Ice to the South and Tanah Melay along with the Western side of the Far SE Archipelago to the East is The Vacio Ocean. So East of 0 degrees and east to 100 degrees.

Also The Ratna Ocean is bounded by the Dragon Isles, Kinlu and the Eastern side of the Far SE Archipelago

  • SE Lands This area encompasses the area bounded by 10N40E to 10N120E and down to 50S40E to 50S120E

Any GMs having anything in this area (specifically the Southern/Eastern Area) are requested to detail what is there either here or in a post to the DQ list - ChrisC

Far South

This land is directly south of Western Alusia and encompasses the continent between 20°W and 20°E, and 20°N and 40°S. Arabie is over the NE border.
Far South index page.

Far East

Encompassing lands east of 80E.
Far East index page.

Uttermost West

Comprising Terranova and other Island nations off the coast of the Alusian continent.
Uttermost West Index page.

Racial Enclaves

Elven Lands

Elven Lands index page.

Dwarven Strongholds

Map of Dwarven Lands

Worlds of the Aether

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