LWG The Parade, The Senators and The Tigers

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Parade and Gladiatorial Rounds

GM: Jono - 31 Methuen Road, Avondale. 7:00pm start time.

GM: William/Callum - 31 Methuen Road, Avondale. 7:00pm start time.

GM: Jon - 13 Layard Street, Avondale. 7:00pm start time.

Seagate Groups

Mordrins teams

Running of the Tigers written by Thorn

After the Qualifying the teams were shuffled again, we spent the time until the parade sorting a few things out, and tried to get an understanding of the way things work here in Luna. Then for three days we took part in The Parade. By the day of the Running of the Tigers we were restless, and despite the danger needed to find some action. We were told several hundred Tigers would be let loose across the city and that there were prizes for bringing in the head of one. It didn't worry me that the animals would be enlarged, what was more worrying was the news that some people thought that enlarged tigers where too tame a prey, and hunted the tiger hunters. Four of us Mordrin, Eric, Lizzet and myself set out from the senators house to hunt Tigers, we had a magic bird as a guide and moved as a tight group with Lizzet in the midle. At one point Eric had a bad feeling about the street ahead so we circled the block, looking back at the spot some time later we could see the inquistion waiting in ambush. Not sure if it was Eric or Lizzet they wanted but they went home disapointed in any case.

We found a pair of tigers, each 8ft plus at the shoulder, who went straight into close with Eric and I. That Eric he wasn't even half as tall as the tiger, but he gave it a good beating, took one too. I wasn't so badly hurt, Bless the Dwarven Armourer that made my Plate, but was happy when my playmate went down.

Mordrin was keen on taking the huge skins as well as the heads but just as we started to skin 'em a group of about 15 armed people rounded the corner, so we withdrew, lost the mob and went back for the skins. Having been forced to use magic to loose the mob we decided to cash in our heads before it ran out and a good thing too as we were able to slip past the inquistion unnoticed who had taken up a new ambush site.

Not so keen on being hunted as we were on hunting, and Eric's armour having taken damage and needing repair we decided we had done enough and went home.

Tehe's team

Took part in the Parade and walked/rode slowly for three days from the block to the city and then into and up into the wealthy part of the city.
Meet with our Senator and family.
Decided to attack the Hobbit team to win the crowd.
Fight was evil and harsh.
Hobbit team badly wounded.

Human's Team

Took part in the Parade into the city.
Meet with our Senator for dinner.
Worked out where one of the spots for releasing Tigers would be and went their.
Was attacked by assassians.
Drum badly wounded.