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Known Teams

Each of the teams within the game fight for a Lunar Senator. Without the support of the Senator the team is forced to leave the games.

The Xth Legion

Senator Nuccio Jovene of Karasal Province.

Antonius - A giant brute of a man known for his formidable prowess with the mace. It is said he once decapitated an ogre with such a weapon. While not the prettiest to look at he is said to habour an agile and devious mind.

Decimus - Rumoured to be the paramount warrior of the tenth. His wiry frame is all muscle and he is as fast as the mongoose he somewhat resembles. His favourite weapon is the spatha. 'Decimus with a spatha' is an old and sometimes still used saying to speak of impending doom.

Marius - A man with no fear. Marius commanded a single squad in defence of the bridge leading into the 1st Blessed Province aginst an entire orcoid horde. They managed to hold out for 5 days until help arrived. Said to be somewhat of a traditionalist, he is an expert in the Lunar Heavy Infantry weapons.

Alexius - An auxila (light infantry) of some renown, more for his skill at cards and seduction than his prowess with the plumbata and pilum.

Syrax - Rumoured to be a mercanary and tracker. Stands six feet tall and is jet black in colour. Uses a longspear and shield.

The Tenth disapeared while on duty three centuries ago. It is believed that they only return to defend the Empire in great need. That the contstants are several different periods of the Tenth's illustrous history is more uncanny.

Southhaven Academy for Girls

Senator Stefano Boco of Sylila Province.

Lady Heather Nolan - A beautiful and fair maiden with braided red hair, she is skilled in the use of Battlesword and heater. Top marks in Home Economic Warfare.

Lady Tiffany L'Croix - An petite, raven haired beauty she is an expert in acupuncture and healing centers. Finishing work 'Nine other ways to a man's heart'. Top marks in advanced herbology.

Lady Angela Dubois - A very large girl with a tendancy to wear loose clothing. Top marks in Artillary Arranging and Swimming in Substances other than Water.

Lady Laura Sommerfield - A clever fighter with both the Glaive and Bow this auburn beauty's finishing work was entitled 'The Princess'. Winner of the 'Most heads decapitated' trophy three years running.

Bakarena Chakras - A fine figure of orcish beauty, the Bakarena is an exchange student from Salamaka. Top marks in Hostile Negotiations and Captain of the Academy's Border Dispute team.

Lady Liessa Redwood and Mistress High Treason have politely requested that some of their top students attend the games as 'part of a field trip to experience the diversity of other cultures'. Lady Redwood and the Sisters of Perpetual Dissonance will be attending to 'Cheer their team on.' The girls have just spent four months at a renowned gladiator school in Lunar city and feel 'ready to play.'

Sword Worlds Confederation

Senator Piatti Gianni of Kostaddi Province.

Administrator Betheltagan - A calamar martial artist skilled in Li'Li'Hok, a form involving the use of all four arms. Betheltagan stressas that he is acting in an advisory role for the team only.

Guardian Serena - Serana is a human 'Guardian of Morality' and has come to show the firm hand of the Sword Worlds legal system. She is skilled in the use of the Oblique Spinge. No, we don't know what it is either.

Negotiator Tog - A Storm Giant who does not speak. However, he managed to communicate quite clearly (and painfully) his role in the upcomming games.

Prosecutor Reylin - A dwarven strategist and field commander for the Sword Worlds. Is adept with the axe and mattock.

Counsel Trey - This human is an expert warrior and skilled in most forms of personal combat. His favourite weapon is the Great axe. Believed to be a mamber of the famed Magical Infantry.

The Emperor is pleased to personally invite the delegation from the Calamar Empire. They have been chosen from local staff randomly 'in the interests of fairness'. They have shown interest that teams from the Seagate Guild of Adventurers will be attending and have politly inquired after Sabrina, Blitzkreig, Isil Eth and Engalton and whether they'll be competing. The Voidcruiser 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' will be docked at Lunar City.

Defeated Splat from the Seagate Guild to qualify in round one. Defeated Flashing Steel from the Seagate Guild in a friendly exhibition match.

The Players of Games

Senator Roberto Calderoli of Oraya Province.

Horatio - Renowned and handsome champon in over 300 battles. Expert with the net and trident. As famed for his conquests off the bloody sands as on them. Horatio is one of the favourites for attaining the Emperor's Honour. Favourite of the blues.

Lothario - The news that Horatio and Lothario are on the same team has doubled the betting frenzy in some circles and started riots in others. Attendance whenever these two meet on the sands is packed to bursting and in their last engagement the greens rioted when Lothario was declared the loser on points. Expert in Smallsword and knife.

Donatello - An upcomming and fearsome gladiator. Donatello is already famous for his acrobatic manouvers and deadly strikes. Whenever he is on the field groups will start chanting 'Blood' in the audience.

Drusilla - The legend, champion in 280 engagements, winner of the laurels three times running and still we know so little of this warrior woman. Who is she? Where did she come from? What drives her? Prehaps this games will grant us the answers!

Olaf - A nordic giant who participates in the games. Is known fior his bezerk rages and the crowd just loves the way his eyes bulge out as he roars and works himself into a frenzy. Favourite weapon, another gladiator.

The legendary gladiator Max Ramus, although himself retired has entered this team who are hot favourites to win. Two teams have reputedly resigned after merely hearing who would be on this team.

The Inquisition

Senator Cassius Forlani of Darjiin Province.

Mr W.Smith - Just this guy.

Mr T.Jones - Another likely lad.

Mr N.Anderson - Nothing to see.

Mr J.Bloggs - Move along.

Mr F.Underhill - Are you supposed to be here?

Controversy and speculation followed the Emperor's decree that the Inquisition remove themselves from Lunar City for the duration of the games. Senator Cassius Forlani however has deigned to field this team of Inquistors. He is reported to of said "Well, nobody expects the Lunar Inquisition'. Does the senator feel himself to be untouchable? What is he up too?

Mr Kurosawa Presents

Senator Flammia Angelo of Vanch Province.

Kambei - A famed Erelheine swordsman.

Katsushiro - A young and reckless warrior by many accounts.

Gorobei - A fearsome warrior.

Shichiroji - An expert in the spear and sword.

Kyuzo - A deadly serious and deadly warrior.

Heihachi - An amiable and good natured warrior

Kikichiyo - A lesser skilled warrior.

Heroes from the Isles of Kinlu. They are here to prove themselves in battle since an outbreak of peace where they live. Technically these warriors are what the Kinlu term 'Ronin' and so are unlikly to be has hidebound to honour codes as typical Erelheine warriors.

The Wild Hunt

Senator Francesco Martone of Imther Province.

Lord Ash - A dark skinned muscular elf painted in strange runes with a strange animal magnetism. He is reputedly skilled in the spear and bow. Tales tell of his battle with a hydra armed with only a javelin and brand.

Lady Autumn - An ivory beauty even amongst the elves she is said to be without peer in the double axes. Rumoured to bleed sap rather than blood. Author of 'Hobbits - Best Breeding for Hunt and Show'.

Lord Frost - Lord Velteyn's personal champion and a suitor of the famed beauty Amber the Witch. Fresh from raiding a drow pirate ship in which he held off six drow wardancers singlehandedly from harming his lady.

Lord Darkness - The legendary assasian of Elvandar is taking part in our games for our amusement. The court of Eidolon must be breathing a little easier knowing that Velteyn's Darkness is here and not there. Rumoured to carry Mortal Dread, a blade of unsurpassed lethality.

Khaine, Lord of Battles - An embodiment of their warrior religion infused into a living host. Khaine is a 8-9 ft humanoid figure with writhing symbols upon him. Worshipped by some elves as the God of war, death and inevitability. Is said to carry a fearsome, flaming runeblade as a weapon.

Rankene Delegation

Senator Numerius Tullius Piso of Assar Province

Razkuli - The youngest of Prince's Hellhounds, Razkuli is eager to test his mettle against all comers and relishes the opportunity to show even less restraint than his role policing Sanctuary's streets places on him. The effect of the Hellhound's oath will be suspended during the course of contest. Carries the Hand And A Half and Kite Shield bearing the blazon of his office.

Dayrne- He is said to been one of the best gladiators Ranke ever produced and is steeped in the lore of the arena sands. A dark-haired, muscled giant of a man still possessing great skill and strength. An accomplished wrestler, who also employs a mattock to devastating effect.

Kama - Rankene A Mercenary and assassin of the brutal Third Command. A tall and broad-shouldered woman, with a firm chin and clear narrow eyes. Ably employs bows, knives, and the estoc.

Gayle - Rankene A Mercenary of the Third Command. A foul-mouthed, violent mercenary who has proved hard to rein in by his commanders. He was once one of Tempus' Stepsons. Favours heavy armour, large shields, and big war hammers.

Warfarin - Mageguild Enforcer and a Mind Mage. A calm, shifty, and vaguely distainful individual who has been drafted to shore up the team's magic tactical options and healing support.

Prince "Kitty Cat" Kadakithis has confirmed that he is to take a team to the Winter Games to strengthen ancient ties between the Lunar Empire and the Ranke and the arena contests will provide an amusing diversion from the rigours of a dreery official visit, as will the extensive (monetary and otherwise) side betting.

Among the non-combatant attendants are his beatiful wife Princess Daphne, the noble Lowan Vigeles, and any number of courtiers, concubines, merchants, administrators, and other hangers-on. Lanista Perperam, a retired trainer of Lunan gladiators has also been retained as a consultant, but several questions have been raised about the nature of his retirement (some say "exile") from the sport.