LWG Fantastical Games Clues

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These are some of the clues we were given for the Fantastical Games

  • Mermaids love music
  • It is rumoured that the last time a team attempted the Mechanician Challenge, they were crushed by non banishable golems that no one could deactivate
  • Those wounded by the Mistress of Nightmares will suffer broken sleep for ever
  • Shuzzar the Ice Elemental was not always so.
  • A drop of moonlight can cure poison
  • The Kraken used to be a Calimar
  • Dolbain Provence is the home of the senator sponsoring the guild teams & clues can be found there.
  • Important Senators have been known to go down into the dungeons of pain and suffering for enjoyment
  • Ascron the First Inquisitor is an old man in a garden that cannot die
  • Midnight can only be captured with the eye of an owl
  • Kraken of Despair screams with the death cries of it's numerous victims - quite spooky
  • Ascron the Inquisitor has dried up vitals in a jar
  • The strings from the Golden Fleece should be used to tie up something
  • Periclia the Philosopher once met Syrus the Wise