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PDF booklet

A copy of the PDF booklet for the Fantasical Games can be download here.

Fantastical Games

Welcome to the teams that have qualified for the Fantastical Games. The Games are based in Lunar City for the crowd’s pleasure but also will involve your group travelling around the Empire and the countryside.

The fantastical games are a series of events that are held within Lunar Cities, main Arena. They are held in the morning after the return to the city f the hero’s who are participating within the games.

To win the Lunar Games 806 you must defeat the Senators of Decay.

  • To challenge the Senators of Decay you need to be the highest point team (Emperor Points) in Lunar City once all of the Horrors of the Empire have been defeated, if the challenger loses then the next team will be able to have an attempt or pass.
  • To challenge the Horrors of the Empire you must have complete a number of trials ranging from one to five depending on the trials/path your group have chosen on the progression chart. For each of the horrors you will get Emperor points as listed below.

The path or route your group has chosen may result in items or knowledge, which may help you to face your opponent inside the Arena. Without these items or knowledge some of the renowned opponents are unlikely to be defeated.

Horrors of the Empire:

300 pts Cyclops of Decay
600 pts Decayed Worshipers and the Mistress of Nightmares and Moonlight
500 pts Kraken of Horrors
700 pts Giant Spider Queen
300 pts Minator of the Pained
300 pts Medusa
500 pts Mistress of the Moon
500 pts Hags of Corruption

The Senators of Decay:

Fight and kill the three Senators. They are heavily tainted with the gifts of Demons and are only barely recognisable as humans. These are the powerful Senators that started the Republic Wars and caused the Inquisition, Glow Lines and Respect for Giants to come into being within the Empire. They are enemies of the Empire.

The reward for defeating the Senators of Decay is the Fabled Breastplate of the Titans.

Administration and bookkeeping:

For the fantastical games you will be able to use all of you standard racial, college and professional skills, abilities and talents. Items that you do not need a write-up for such as a bag, or leather armour do not cost any points.

Each team has a total of Emperor points. Each player can spend up to this total, to purchase item and non-standard abilities as per the tables and guidelines below. What you can spend your points on is in the following three areas;

Table 1

For Magic items and non-standard abilities please work them out on Table 1 and this will give you the points value that they cost. Enter the items into Table 2 in the order that you wish to buy them as the more entries you have the more costs you will incur. Please consider loaning items that you are not using to other team members. Crowd and Emperor Points that are not spent on items abilities may be used later on to heal or resurrect team members.

Table 2

Buffs for 22nd Aug Session

NB This section is temporary for documentation of the buffs available to the guild parties for the big fight in the session on 22nd Aug. Players of support mages who are at the guild enclave, please add to this stating what you are able to supply.

Limits on how many are available to each team are based on limits of FT of the casters, if your party can give them more FT then they can have more people affected, keep in mind it is low mana 4 FT per special. With Shizane's high mana rock this is no longer an issue for most spells.

Contact Logan if you need a new Greater Enchantment. 3 month Lesser Enchantments available to any that need them.

Available to All

From Lucius - E&E Rank 8 enhance enhanchant for casting buffs. Rank 18 Greater

Cast on guild members as they go in to the arena

  • Quickness Rank 19 (An Anonymous E&E who favours the guild teams)

Cast for guild teams when casting spells

  • Enhance Enchant Rank 19 (An Anonymous E&E who favours the guild teams)
Defence (Armour and Protections)
  • Armour of Earth Rk20 (Braegon) - +42% Def +1 AP Dur 20 Hours. Cast at 6am.
  • Shadow Form Rk20 (Drum) - +42% Def Dur 20 hours. 1 per team cast at 2am, 1 per team at 6am
  • Rune Armour Rk20 (Kilroy/Keesha) - +25% Def +5 AP Dur 20 Hours. 1 per team Cast at 2am, 1 per team at 6am.
  • Enchant Armour Rk18 (Kindly Passing E&E) - +38%, Dur 18.5 Hours, Cast at 5am and 3pm (if req'd)
  • Fire Armour (Shizane) 68 Points Vrs Fire 33 Hours
  • Heat Shield (Shizane) 56 Points Vrs Cold/Ice 27 hours
  • Fire Proofing (Shizane) 35 hours
  • Cold Protection ?
  • Vapour Breathing (Clarissa) Rank 6 - strongly recommended, along with her complimentary "good-luck" kisses (morale effect only)
  • Feather Fall ?
  • Mages will have a counterspell they can cast on through the Chokers.
  • Necromantic Counterspells should be a priority.
  • Air, Wicca, Fire, Mind, E&E are probably good to have too.
  • Choker of the Elements (on loan)
The black leather choker is supposedly made from the leather hide of an earth elemental. The choker will allow;
  • If worn by an Adept a set of counter spells cast on it by the Adept only.
  • If worn by a non-adept a set of counter spells can be cast on the choker by any adept.
In both cases the duration for the counter spell is equal to normal duration plus an additional 4 hours. These counter spells will not count as counter spells cast on the adept for the purposes of stacking, so a 3rd and 4th counter spell can be cast on the entity (separately from the choker).
Offence (Weapon Spells)
  • Weapon of Flames (Shizane) - Rank 18 +19 SC Damage +7/+18(Creatures of Cold) (Special at 65 Mins) is this affectable by enhance enchant?
  • Rune Smite Spell (Kilroy/Keesha) - Rank 20, D+21, knock prone, stunned, resist for no effect. Lasts for 21 hours or till first successful strike
  • Rune Smite Ritual (Kilroy/Keesha) - Rank 20, D+21, knock prone, stunned, resist for no effect. Lasts for 21 hours or till four successful strikes
  • (Shizane) 7 Rank 11 DragonFlames Breath Mints (1 Shot Invested). D+33 cone 75 feet long, 25 feet wide at end, resist for half.
Mil Sci: Distribute these 2 per party. Use them early before our melee rank engages, if our opponents are not totally immune to fire the 6 DFs resisted should strip their fire armour so that later fire attacks are effective.
Stat Enhancements
  • Strength of Stone Rk20 (Braegon) - +20 EN Dur 41 Hours. Cast at 10pm.
  • Strength of Darkness Rank 13 (Ithilmor) - +8 ST Dur 140 min, one cast per person per day, unless group provides fatigue, or high mana zone
  • Waters of Strength (?) - ?
  • Witchsight Rank 20 (Ithilmor) - duration 20 hours, one cast per person per day, unless group provides fatigue, or high mana zone

NOTES: Shizane has available and is willing to time share with other guild buffers a 1 hex high mana zone. Kilroy has effectively 40 Ft for casting spells, so can do up to 10 Shields or 20 Smites or some combination of the two. He will do as many smite rituals as he can fit in (1 hour each). Not sure how much time is available though.

Tehe Group Only

  • Senator's Ring of Command (Aryan) - In Melee Combat: +8% Def, +8 IV, +8% SC.
  • Walrus Fat (4 doses) +20% Def in Melee, +40% in close (stacks).
  • Elixir of Youth - TBA

Mordrin Group Only

Human Group Only

  • Ring of the Field Commander (Drum) - In Melee Combat: +8% Def, +8 IV

Basalic can provide Rank 15 AoE (BC 70) [+32 DEF +1 AP] and Rank 14 SoS (BC 64) [+14 EN or PS] to team members that want it (no Greater currently).

Mebh's Fan Club

While within 25 feet of Mebh, Mebh's special friends gain +5 on all primary stats, does not exceed racial max, stacks with buffs such as strenght of stone,

Affects: Toledo, Aryan, ...

The teams are starting at

With the first sunlight of the 15th of Snow all the teams are able to choose a task to start on. The choice is in height order as per the rest of the games. The team with the highest points once all the horrors of the Empire have been defeated can challenge the Senators of Decay. If the horrors of the Empire are not defeated by sunset on the 30th of Snow, then no team is allowed to challenge, and the Fantastical Races will be played instead.

Dawn 15th of Snow - Lunar City - main arena.

  1. Defenders of Ascalon (Giants) - Pain.
  2. Tehe (SAG) - Mermaids of Hope.
  3. Human (SAG) - Element of Ice.
  4. Mordrin (SAG) - Fear of Souls.
  5. Sword World Confederation (Calamar) - Element of Air.
  6. The Players of Games (Lunar Gladiators) - Virtue.
  7. Southaven Academy for Girls (Humans) - Lust.

See main page for timeline and which teams have done well.
15th of Snow - Start. Hags and Mistress of the Moon Defeated
16th of Snow - Kraken defeated.
17th of Snow - Spider defeated.

Task charts