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Kravonia was a nation of nomadic tribes believed to have been in the eastern Sea of Grass or possibly in what is now the Gatar Depression (records are imprecise and conflicting).

Kravonia is known to have existed at least 700 years before the fall of Panjari.

Some or all of the Kravonians were relocated to Elfenburg.


Kravonian (a.k.a. Old Kravonian) is the language of a formerly nomadic tribe the elves settled in Elfenburg and has been spoken there ever since.

It was called “Old” because it was the language of the “old” lifestyle; and scholars called it Old too, because predated Panjarre by at least 7 centuries, it is thought to be extinct elsewhere but may still be used by some of the barbarian horse tribes in the Sea of Grass.

Many of the older texts in the Elfenburg library are written in Kravonian. Some important pre-Panjari Elvish works were expurgated and translated into Kravonian in the mistaken belief that the peculiar tongue was spoken by all the humans beyond the mountains.

Kravonian was virtually a dead language in Elfenburg, with the uptake of Common to trade with Kravonian speaking humans, until a time-travelling party interfered during an ancient catastrophe, hibernated a few thousand native speakers in the mountains and then woke them up in the past decade. Kravonian is experiencing a renaissance (in Elfenburg), but is insignificant elsewhere.