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The building of Konenburg was done using the most sophisticated magics of the time, using Fire and Earth to bind the walls into one solid construction. The walls themselves tend to reflect the colouration of the nearby surrounds, and in Konenburg's case this causes them to coloured with shades of browns and greens.

Inside Konenburg is a second fortress, currently the abode of High Lord Clarimont of Lubeck, the current ruler of Konenburg. While there are two other High Lords to also rule Konenburg, Clarimont is the leading power.

Konenburg was originally designed to hold up to 5,000 soldiers. The current population is prehaps half of that. Three quarters of the barracks have now been converted into living quarters. The place is rather cold and functional with little in the way of gardens and parks.

Konenburg is built along side the Clear Water near its southern most reaches in Tuscana. It is the southern most town in Tuscana, in the deep south of Antico. The area around Konenburg is very folded and hilly, with Konenburg built next to the river between several hills. The land around Konenburg is mostly lightly wooded with small farms coming off the two roads leading from it.

Towards the end of the Western Kingdom, some thirty years before the war actually started, the Lords of Lubeck decided that they were vunerable to attack from ships coming up the river. To this end, they built Konenburg as a fortress to overlook the river and stop attacks from the south. As it happened, the fortress was never used and was sealed at the same time as Lubeck.

With the decline of passage along the Sweetwater during the last decade of the 9th century WK, Konenburg became some what of a back water. However the rise of the Dark Circle has resulting in a considerable increase in troop numbers stationed there.