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Appearance, Personality and History


Kit's appearance varies wildly on whim. He is almost always a Human Male from the Baronies, of slight build and average height (5'8-6'0"). His eyes are usually grey, and his wedding ring and holy symbol (a Sun in Splendour) are both always clearly visible. Even in the worst circumstances, there is never a hair accidentally out of place, a non-artistic smudge, a drop of blood on his garments, or a coating of road-dust, although he has been known to collapse in pools of his own blood after particularly vigorous exercise.

Visible Value

Sir Christopher D'Abres – 5'11", 165lb, PB 20. Fine silk in blue and white with silver trim over Mithril chain mail, over close-fitting golden garments, carrying any two of six magical Katana, with various signet rings of office, earrings, etc., and a true-silver necklace. (700k)
His Grace, the Ordinaire Christopher of Seagate – 5'10", 155lb, PB 17. Finely woven blue and silver priestly robes, carrying an ornate wooden broadsword, with various signet rings of office, and a true-silver necklace with his holy symbol prominently displayed. On more formal occasional, the priestly robes will become burnished silver, and swords with hilts carved from solid gems will be worn. (50k)
Kryan the Illusionist – 5'8", 140lb, PB 22. Good stout clothing in blue and white with silver embroidery. Battered lilac hat and boots. Typically has a musical instrument (such as a Lyre or Flute), or in danger, a Rapier or Scimitar, and random jewellery. (500sp + jewellery)
Kit, Vessel of Light – 5'9", 150lb, PB 31. Flickering golden candlelight emanates from his holy visage and limbs, covering his burnished silver chain mail in wisps of holy foxfire. Two swords whirl like pinwheels dripping with blood, and the light of fanaticism burns bright in his eyes. Closer examination or valuation is usually unwise.
Reality – For those that see through illusions; after several layers (ranks 20-23), something close to a combination of the above, with a weighting towards the more mundane and valuable. (700k)

Party Roles

Agility Fighter, Rabid Priest, Social/Sneaky 'Buffing', Stone Construction, Paranoia and Crazy plans, Fatigue Sponge, Moralistic Wet Blanket. No ranged weapons or damaging magic.


Initial goals of finding who he really is, artistic competence, and proving himself to his family were met a while ago. Then he danced along the razor edge of insanity and sin, learning to be a vessel for the holy spirit of Gabriel. Now, he's wiser and more deliberate, seeking out wrong-doers and heretics, punishing them while knowing one day he in turn will be hunted for the rules he violates in his quest for holy vengeance. His current goal is to do as much good as he can, before the darkness he fights tempts him too far and he falls from grace permanently.
His current foci include looking after his wife and children, caring for the people of his lands (including the neighbouring good & bad Fae courts), reclaiming the title of 'Alusia's Greatest Swordsman' from his sensei, and figuring out his current religious status (unwillingly shared by Mortimer). Hobbies include Sailing, Music, confusing linear thinkers, and long walks on the beach.

Friends and Allies

  • Soulmate and shadow-twin, 'Countess' Kat Reynard.
  • Sworn Fealty to the Baron of Newcourt, and thus the Marquise of Bowcourt.
  • Close ally of his extended clan, the Reynards of Baronetcy Reynard, Foxcourt.
  • Ordinaire (Bishop 5th class) of the Unified Western Church, responsible for the Spiritual health of the Guild.
  • Pacted to Gabriel and indirectly Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Sammael.
  • Member of the Scholarly Order of Argentum.
  • Chaplain of the Brastor Masonic Lodge.
  • Student of Tsukahara Yoshitoshi Musashi, founder of Itto Shinden Muto-ryu, of Hakatamura village, Hiroyasu, Kinlu.
  • Ally of Several of Destiny's Council of Ten.
  • Friend of Marquis Diego, ruler of MMHS.
  • Servant of The Dragon Ijel of Insel der Freiheit, and his brethren, except Vidal the merchant dragon.
  • Friend or Ally of several Alusian Island nations, such as
    • King Oed of Thebes.
    • Queen Penthesileia of Thermiskyra.
    • Pirate King Drake of the Isles of Adventure
    • President Diana of St Charles
    • Count Aryan of Ebola
  • Unappointed guardian for moral or physical safety in several areas on Alusia, including:
    • Bretonnia – a series of bad rulers and poor moral decisions have plagued their recent past.
    • Ellenic States – at least to keep the rest of the church from there for a while.
    • Shorapur – recently liberated it from demons, then imposed an Orc Pirate & some Urielite vampire slayers as joint guardians (still queasy about this choice).
    • The Guild - at least in the eyes of the United Western Church.
    • Anywhere within line of sight.


Gods and Powers

  • Pacted to Gabriel. This pact has been extended to include Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Sammael, by an ancient power. Primary loyalty is still to Most Vengeful Gabriel.
  • Leraje - Dethroned, torn limb from limb in Hell, his realm partially destroyed.
  • Raum - had his head ripped from his shoulders during Nightfall.
  • Alloces, Balam, Eligos, Furcalor, Furfur, Gremory, Illiyas, Murmur, Naberius, Sallos, Valefor (apologies to anyone overlooked) – avatars defeated.
  • Zepar – tried to destroy Kit's village. We haven't caught up since.
  • Vapula – killed Kit in the distant past. Long time, no see, Vapula...
  • Gaap – was met over a common enemy; maybe next time.
  • Foras – has expended the favour owed him.
  • Seir – has agreed to differ a number of times, and we have yet to cross swords.
  • Other Powers of Darkness – you're next, Jimmy.
  • Other Gods – taken or disposed of on their merits.


Common, Lalange, Erelheine, Ambran fluent(8-10). Elvish, Centaur, Pixie, Brownie, Saxony near fluent (6), others poor; his Destinian has a particularly atrocious accent.
Main Skills
Master: Troubadour, Navigator, Courtier, Kenjutsu, Shinobi-do, Warrior.
Competent: Philosopher, Ranger {coastal, fae forests}, Military Strategist, Mechanician {shipwright, buildings}.
Main Spells
Disguise, Invisibility, Euphonia, Flash of Light, Animal, Mist (~20), Transmutation (18), most Illusions (10+), Permanency, many counter-spells.
Non-Standard magic
Several Religious talents – Wrath, Truth, Faith, Law, Stoicism, Self-righteousness, Zealotry.
Resist Curse.
Gabrielite Consecration.
Summon Ill-informed Sammaelite Cherub.
Ethereal Halls – can go into the ethereal for almost a minute.
Air Walking – like flying, but slightly faster than you can run, and you don't swoop or soar.
Mist form – just like a vampire, only nice.
Passive Detections and protections
Can't be Astrologised , DA'ed, Located
Multiple Permanent Rank 20-23 Disguises.
See through Mist/Smoke/Water/Fire/Cloud/etc 110'.
MR and Defence usually high to obscene extreme.
Doesn't get lost in Fae forests.
Reaction Modifiers
Varies, mainly +20 for people
plus more for good fae, agents of PoL
negative for Demons, agents of PoD, bad fae

Lost Humanity

Some people talk about guild beasts, and it is true that the longer one abides in the guild, the stranger one becomes. Some measure this in items, or in fractions of an imperial E. I prefer to review it via the loss of one’s humanity, and by where it has been squandered. This list should include all direct changes to one's person, plus probably all those effects from items and spells commonly used. It is useful as a list of oddities for GMs, but also as a weird-o-meter, for determining the shade of weird, rather than its intensity.

Arcane Knowledge

Rare or unique skills or abilities that are part of one’s calling.

  • Gnomic Fog (variant of Fog)
  • Ethereal Halls (variant of Maze)
  • Illusion of Solidity (advanced Illusion)
  • Resist Curse (variant of Remove Curse)
  • Xing-yishu (integrative Warrior skill)
  • Free-falling (adventuring skill)
  • Water-walking (adventuring skill)


Abilities usually only exhibited by near-human races or from other colleges.
(Elves and shape-changers get a head-start here).

  • Detect Aura (Celestial)
  • Dark Colourvision (Drow)
  • Better stun recovery (Erelheine skill)
  • Transmutation (Sorcery)
  • Rankable Witchcraft Counterspells (Namer)
  • Air Walking (Air Sprite)


Abilities or attributes that are beyond human limits or that are associated with non-human beings.

  • Talent of Mist Form (like, but not, Vampire)
  • Agility above human maximum (wish)
  • Some Troubadour & Courtier sub-skills above human maximum (wish)
  • Initiative and Defence extreme (skill)
  • Usually does not get lost in Fae forests (skill)
  • Can run (not walk) on water (item)
  • Somewhat resistant to poison (skill)
  • Disguise, Invisibility, Euphonia castable at Rank 21 (item, skill)


Abilities or attributes that are animal or bestial in nature, low, impure, chaotic or corrupt.

  • Ruthlessness – I used to care about the little people. Now it takes a conscious effort.


Abilities or attributes gifted by, or otherwise associated with, divine powers

  • Truth (increased Bardic Voice %age)
  • Faith (can lower and share my MR)
  • Wrath (you wouldn't like me when I'm angry)
  • Law (I dispense justice when running my own court of law)
  • Self-righteousness (I can become really self-righteousness)
  • Zealotry (I can't harm Michaelines or innocents, but demons get what they deserve)
  • Stoicism (the art of gritting one's teeth)
  • Consecration (minor increase to MR on area, or DR on self)
  • Enlightenment (summon Sammaelite Cherub)


Not all things that do not kill you make you stronger. Some merely make you wiser.

  • Aura shredded and torn by the impact of 500 curses, leaving a weak and flickering aura at the strength of a Sentient Plant, and the answer to any first DA question of ‘magically cursed’, this being the most obvious element of the remaining aura. Also stripped my aspect and any hint of my fate in the stars.
  • Using Concealed Casting Talent causes backfires more often than expected.
  • Seeing or learning about injustice can send me catatonically insane for brief periods. This is contagious for mind readers.
  • The 'miracle' of Resurrection is harder near me, and I'll never understand how it works.