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Part of the Five Sisters
As of end of Summer 808

The ruins of Kirkul City

One of the city states ports that make up the Five Sisters. The Five Sisters are made up of the only major ports in the north west of the Islands of Adventure.

Kirkul was once a large trading town (popn around 30,000) but was sacked twice. First by Ivinia Vikings in 796 and again by the forces of the Dark Circle in early 805. The town of Kirkul is currently abandoned. The remaining population still trade from the safety of off shore islands, and over 806 & 807, most of the refugees have re-settled in the other cities of the Five Sisters. Previous ruler was Emir Ahmed El-Kirkul (777-805) who died when the city was overrun in Early 805. Emir-ship has passed to his brother Sarem El-Kirkul (778-) who is presently residing in Saktekorum as a guest of the ruler there.

The town is sacked.

Local History
It is said that a large force of undead can be found in the ruined town, as of 805 Wk.

  • Spring 806 - A large force of Church Knights followed some undead here and mostly destroyed the horde but then moved on.
  • Autumn 806 - Rumours of more undead but not substantiated
  • Spring 807 - Church forces passing by sea are attacked by undead from here and they enter the town and kill any they find.
  • Autumn 807 - Rumours of evil cults and undead passed onto the church but events in the WK take precedence.
  • Autumn 808 - Evil cult more than just rumour, see The Family Jewels.
  • Autumn 808 - A blockade of shipping is being enforced by the Grey Wind.
  • Winter 808 - Kirkul is destroyed by an army of Michaeline knights and Valkyrie led horde. see She is Made of Truth
  • Autumn 810 - The Grey Wind and support ships leave for Tycho City after seeing the return of the Blue morning fog.
  • Winter 812 - A group of traders from the Western Kingdom purify the water supply in the town.
  • Summer 813 - A small settlement pops up around a small fishing fleet, and the return of some local desert peoples.
  • Autumn 814 - Problems with ruin goblins.