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6'4" tall pale skinned barbarian orc, 5'11" when out of plate armour and he stoops, He pretty much always wears heavy armour, he even has lighter armour to sleep in. He owns no clothes.

Kirgoth generally has a greataxe strapped to his back, a glaive in hand, a morningstar from his belt, two daggers one on each leg and occasionally carries a siege arbalest.

Visible Value

Kirgoth looks rough and brutal but very well equipped and with access to regeneration level healing. Probably around 500 gold in armour and weapons.


Utility:Bunny (Needs other party members to do the complicated things)

Passive Detections and protections

  • Can see in the dark (orc vision)
  • Amulet of Necrogeny
    • less chance of fear from leser undead and hideous sights
    • less chance of infection
    • less life draining
  • Amulet of Protection from Logan (incribed with DIE LOGAN DIE, calamar produced I think )
    • general and special E&E counterspell always on
    • drawback that when choosing not to resist the counterspell remains resisting magic


Reaction Modifiers

  • Orc modifiers which are not generally that good
  • Loathes Elven culture and believes they are responsible for dancing, singing, music, wearing fancy clothes, art, theatre, fancy architecture, fine food and wine.
    • Erelheine do to honour what lawyers do to justice and have their weaponsmasters 'train' people, before long having them bowing and calling them master without even using whips.

Friends, Allies and Associates

  • Numerous people in Novadom
  • Most people he has adventured with


  • No specific enemies


  • Orc (9) giving low ranks in some others
  • Common (6)


Long Term

  • Kirgoth used to be a town guard as it was rewarding to capture criminals, adventuring is even better when you can slaughter undead, evil mages, evil dragons, deamons and all their little flunkies and help make the world a better place. Adventuring is a goal in itself.

Short Term

  • Complete the current mission he is on
  • Keep his friends alive.
  • Normal tennage orc stuff (eat, mate)

Skills and Abilities

Party Roles

Gets hit so you don't have to.

Main Skills

  • Assasin (not the sneaky killer for hire type, more the ethically motivated walk up and kill them type)
  • Town Guard ( actually one of the rare skilled people at this)
  • Ranger ( from his days in the black forest, but good for tracking down nasties )
  • Healer ( can stop people bleeding to death, cure disease/poison and flesh wounds, can extend his life to live longer than typical humans, although cannot yet outlive elves :)

Other Stuff of Note

The useful

  • No weird stuff

Not so useful

  • Can carry lots of cold iron.
  • Dark aspected (lunar aspect and orc)

Death and other visisons

  • Under Novadon keep had vision of himself dying fighting three shadowy figures, I believe this might have happened while fighting some Bad Children.
  • Using cursed crystal of vision saw flash of intense light and then was a halfling
  • Exposed to a fragment of a insane dead god of prophecy and had several totally weird-ass visions while asleep.