King Sigismund

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The Legendary King

His Royal Highness King Sigismund of the Western Kingdom, Protector of the faithful, Prince of Novalar, Guardian of Aladar, Protector of the Weak. He is a male human of around 40+ years of age. He is well spoken and has a kind warm face.


He was once the King and ruler of the Western Kingdom, but has been absent since the year 494WK. In that year King Sigismund the Pious led a great crusade south, across the Sea of Grass, through the Superstition Mountains, and into Knega. Little is known of subsequent events except that the King, his retinue, and a large part of the chivalry of the West vanished in those mountains, and were never seen again, until 806WK.

Sigismund's Arms

He is said to own a number of powerful magical items which are referred to as a group as 'Sigismund's Regalia'.

He is known to have been in the company of a number of Seagate Adventures when he went missing. These are; Prydera.

Spring 806

7th of Thaw, Clementine holder of the Star of Alusia and member of the SAG at the request of Engalton destroys the Veil Protecting Masada fortress of Rashak, and also summons King Sigismund to assist in the assault on Fortress. (As at Spring 806 King Sigismund was being used in game by Jon McSpadden).