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A plane some adventures have visited where magic is weird.

The mana level waxes and wanes over a period of weeks (A Khoras week is nine days). For one week, there is low mana and mages can't cast, for anotber week, mana is high everywhere. The other two weeks between the extreme weeks, mana is normal. This is due to the interactions of the two suns. Magic fluctuates through a 36 day cycle.

The portal which give entry to the plane is affected by this cycle deactivating while the mana is low. Portals cast by the local Rune mages do not seem to be affected in the same way.

The Khoras portal is located on the plame of Palaeolithica. A portal chain, for trade, has been set up between Garrison on Khoras and Seagate. The chain consists of the following links:

  • Rune portal from the Khoras Trading Station in Seagate to the trilithon portal at Beth Salem in the Sea of Grass. Both ends are guarded and there is a fee to use it.
  • The already existing link from Beth Salem to the Pasifika Trilithon on Rangiwhero
  • A ten mile hike from the Pasifika Trilithon to the Palaeolithica Portal.
  • A rune portal from the Alusia Portal on Paeolithica to the Khoras Portal on Palaeolithica. Again, both ends are guarded.
  • A rune portal from the Paolithica Portal on Khoras to the city of Garrison.

This is a world created by David Rooms for gamers to use. For further information, visit The World of Khoras