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Khatovar city burning ~460wk

The City of Khatovar

On the northwestern point of the Inland Sea close to the Lunar Empire, Khatovar is a neutral city state with a shady reputation. The use of magical scrying magics in the city is punished by crucifixion on th outside of the city walls. Spies, assassins, courtiers, thieves and their ilk are known to reside there. In some circles - it is know that - no one including the Fates are not able to scry or see into the city. Information inside the city is secret to the eyes of the gods and skys and it the city trades on this by acting as a meeting place for powerful people. Within the city, the arm of the law is strong. But not just.

The guards seem to get someone to Detect the Aura of entities as they enter. They have a list of city rules and tell people that there is to be no scrying magics while they are in this city. Some poor chap is nailed up to the outer gates. Apparently, this is what happens to people who use scrying magic in the city.

Guild member warning from Pent -
Warning. Limb chopping zone approaching. Take extreme care with sharp pointy objects as these may easily cause amputation in the area. You have been warned!


The greater summoner living on the eastern border of the Inland Sea only has a handful of succubi but controls numerous avians that live in his castles and in the nearby hills, including a roc, and many harpies. Talk to Dan

Other scribe notes set in this area:
Blood and Sand Winter 808
The Fate of Queen Aleksandra
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GM: Callum