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Kenjutsu is the sword art of the warriors of Kinlu, and is usable only with the following Kinlu swords: Katana, Wakizashi, No-Daichi, and Ninjato.

Kenjutsu ranks as Warrior for time and EP. It is not possible to add both Warrior and Kenjutsu bonuses at the same time, but where bonuses from both skills would apply the character gains the benefit of the greater.

The Student's effective Kenjutsu rank may not be higher than the Rank they have with the swords being used.

Base Benefits

  • The Student's base chance with an appropriate sword is increased by 1% (+1/Rank).
  • The Student gains a bonus to their engaged initiative whilst they have an appropriate sword prepared of 1 (+1/Rank).
  • The Student gains a bonus to their Defense whilst they have an appropriate sword prepared of 1% (+1/Rank).
  • At Ranks 4 & 8 the Student gains a bonus of +1 to the Parry Calculation.
  • At Ranks 5 & 10, the Student inflicts an extra +1 damage.
    • This will stack with either PS or weapon rank damage bonuses.

Special Benefits

Piercing Thrust

  • This ability is gained at Rank 4.
  • A Piercing Thrust does A class damage.
  • The attack is made with a penalty of -25% (+2/Rank)
  • If a Specific Grievous injury is achieved, roll 2D10 (rather than D100) to ascertain the exact injury.
  • This is a Special Attack, but may be combined with Reverse Cut or Iajutsu.

Reverse Cut

  • This ability is gained at Rank 8.
  • It is an attack into any one of their flank or rear hexes.
  • The attack is made at -10% if made to a flank or rear-side hex, and at -20% if made directly to the rear.
  • This is a Special Attack, but may be combined with Piercing Thrust.


Kenjutsu contains 3 sub-skills each of which must be ranked separately and ranks for both time and EP as Main-Gauche. The Student may not have any of the sub-skills at higher Rank than they have Kenjutsu.


  • This sub-skill is the art of cutting missiles from the air.
  • Whilst Evading, the Student may attempt to deflect missiles or thrown weapons with their sword or a bare hand.
  • The missile must either be aimed at the Student, or aimed through the hex they occupy, and the Student must be able to detect the missile.
  • The Base Chance is: MD + Weapon Rank + 4/Rank of Yadomejutsu.
    • If the Strike Check is successful then the missile has been deflected.
    • If the Strike Check results in an "Endurance" then the missile may be "cut" and broken.
    • If the Strike Check results in a "Specific Grievous" then the missile may be caught.
  • The Student may attempt one missile deflection in a Pulse.
    • At Rank 4, 2 missiles deflections may be attempted in a Pulse,
    • At Rank 8, 3 missiles,
    • At Rank 10, 4 missiles.


  • The Lightning Strike sub-skill allows a Student to draw a sword and strike as a single action.
  • This attack is made at -30% (+2/Rank), and the Student's dice roll is reduced by 1 per Rank, min. 0.
  • This is not cumulative with the Assassin ability to cause Grievous Injuries.
  • This is a Special Attack but may be combined with a Piercing Thrust.

Nito Kenjutsu

  • This sub-skill is designed around the use of 2 swords, either the Daisho (Katana & Wakizashi), or 2 Katana or 2 Ninjato.
  • The Student may attack with one of the swords and defend themselves with the other as though it were a main-gauche.
    • The Student gains 1/2 of this "main-gauche" defense against attacks made from their flank or rear.
  • At Rank 4, the Student learns the Okuden of Fire & Stone.
    • The Student may make an attempt to Disarm using both swords (at the normal disarm penalties).
      • Both swords are used for this Disarm attempt and cannot be used for defence or another attack during the action.
    • If successful the defending weapon must either be dropped or be broken.
      • Some magical weapons may not be broken in this manner but will in that case certainly be wrenched from their wielder's grasp.