Kanst Pass

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This pass is some 12miles long and passes over the Kanst Mountains which rise up to 12,000ft.

The land at the base of the pass is some 2,500ft above sea level and the pass traverses steep terrain going up to the saddle at 4,900ft before dropping down. This means a gradient of 1,200ft in a mile or a 1 in 6 gradient (assuming an equal spread of up and down) over the distance.

In the pass are three waypoints. A watchtower at each end of the 12m stretch and at the top of the pass is a larger tower (aka the Kanst Saddle Tower) situated next to some caves which have space for a caravan (if needed) which is sometimes used, but only in extremis.

The pass is the main passage between Bryshande on the northern edge of the Kanst Mountains and Kanstyn on the Southern edge of the Kanst Mountains.

Locations and Periods of Interest