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You all know the story. The land is largely peaceful and prosperous. To the east over the mountain range lies a broken land, ruled by an evil wizard and out of which pours conquering hordes. Only one hero can defeat this evil menace for once and for all. He'll come from an unassuming background, despite which his dad was an adventurer, who left him a magic sword...

Thing is, the Rulers of the See of Wizards (the bad kingdom) knew the story too. After all, once it's happened five or six times in recorded history, even the most dim of dark lords takes a hint. So the Great Wizard Zarquon hired his own band of um 'protagonists'. They were successful beyond his wildest dreams, so successful his darling, beautiful (do we need to mention evil as she is beautiful bit) daughter locked him in the tower, declared him insane and took over the kingdom. She has the hero as her consort (magically controlled) and an immense army of orcs. Rather than let them wreck her lands she sent the army of to conquer the eastern lands.

Guild parties have regular employment with the current ruler and Dark Lady of the See. Most in the See of Wizards have never had it so good and regard adventurers as heroes.

While most adventures concerning this world are dangerous, there are also a lot of cheap laughs.

The See of Wizards

On the wrong side of a mountain range, the See is a dry and hard land to live off. The land is ruled by mages with little or no regard for commoners. Power goes to anyone capable of taking and holding it. In recent times the See has become prosperous due to a rather stable period (for them) and all the loot being acquired from their conquest of the western kindoms. Still, most of this wealth is funnelled into wierd and dangerous research projects rather than any attempt at actual governing. Still, it's amazing what innocent comments and helpful suggestions from sophisticated adventurers have done.

Currently, the See's main crisis is success. Managing and running a kingdom that's doubled in size, quadrupled in population, has successful generals and a huge army that constantly needs paying is probably a bit too much for them.

Major players

  • Queen Nereth - Current ruler of the See. Mind mage.
  • Vince Glortho - Nereth's 'consort'. Prophesised hero to stop the See's current ambitions.
  • Lady Gwendolin - Marchessa of the West. Nominally loyal to the queen.

The Kingdom

This over-large kingdom is united in name only. Weak monarchs have resulted in many duchies and principalities being all but independant entities. Lately there has been some consolidation due to the overwhelming threat from the See's vast orcish army armed with better weapons and tactics than seen before.

The Elven Lands

This is a wasteland and swamp punctuated by huge craters that go down a long way. Something awful happened long ago and most elves that are left these days are wanderers.