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Jerome Miller (Jerry to his friends) is a friendly, simple man in his mid-thirties. He gave up his life on the road as repairman for a troupe of entertainers to settle down with his wife and young children in the second attempt to resettle of Brastor, just before the Dark Circle's last big push north. As a childless widower, he now extends his love and compassion to the rest of the world, entertaining children and their parents wherever he goes with a range of sock puppets, marionettes, and good-humoured entertainment. His companions often include Patches the pantomime donkey, Bessie the confused cow, and a grumpy cat called Soot. Being an apprentice mage, he is still learning his ABCs - animation, binding, and conjuration, and he is surprised at how often he is mistaken for a Binder. He hopes one day to reanimate his wife.

Si est homo, animal est;
Et si est animal, erit corpus animatum;
Atqui est corpus animatum;
Non necesse erit esse animal, quocirca ne hominem quidem.
(Boethius, DHS, c.520)