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Jaycey and the Nightmare

Jaycey is an Illusionist character played by Anne Saggers
High Level Adventurer


3'6" tall (used to be 3'2" before she became heroic) 63lbs Halfling Female with shoulder length black hair and green eyes.


Jaycey is the 3rd born with an older brother and an older sister. With her older brother guaranteed to inherit the family farm and her older sister due to be married off, Jaycey decided she wanted more for her life than to be married off and be wed all her life, so she head off into the world with no more than a dagger for protection and food for the road and the odd coin, accompanied by her trusty donkey Pickles. On the road she encountered more than a fair share of adventures and she was decided that was the life she wanted, and so she joined up with guild and she began on her way.


Jaycey will often get ahead of herself upon adventures and may need to be reined in by other characters. Jaycey holds very obviously an extreme fear of spiders any bigger than they should normally be. So if they are as big as her or almost is she will often get out of the situation and be would be useless for an encounter with giant spiders except for the fact that she has recently picked up ranged weapons and magic so will pelt them from a distance.

Interesting Items (for her at least)

Jaycey has a Bracelet of Animal Charming, which is a bracelet that holds animals as charms after 15 minutes of casting. The amount she can hold is based on her Deep Pockets rank, at current it is 13 animals, 5 slots of which are taken up by 4 horses and Pickles her donkey.
She also has a Small Cart that becomes a normal cart with some time to set it up.
Jaycey has a Trident of the Sea which returns to her when thrown. She carries 2 extra Amulets of Luck for 'party members' who don't have one.


 1. Seagate's Haunts Winter 816
 2. Somebody's Daughter Spring 816
 3. Shrooms Autumn 817
 4. A Cultural Exchange Winter 817
 5. Brastor goblin hunting Spring 817
 6. Mr Grumpy and the Tartan Summer 818
 7. Blood on Broad Street Autumn 818
 8. The Fires of Heck Spring 818
 9. Worship the Desert Winter 819
 10. The Gates of Heck Spring 819
 11. Into the Sky Rock Autumn 820
 12. The Lost Forge Spring 820
 13. No 1 Hobbits Detective Agency: River Watch Autumn 821