Inter-Plane Travel

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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

A collection of "facts" and stories about travelling between planes that anyone interested can hear around the Guild.

  • When a Rune Mage backfires his rune portal sometimes it works anyway but not to where it was expected to. This is believed to be the most common cause of MIA Rune Mages.
  • From time to time the guild has acquired the ability to make or have made permanent portals.
  • The vegetable cellars below the guild kitchens happen to be a place that is conducive to planar travel and contain a number of permanent and semi-permanent portals.
  • The guild vaults are full of artefacts which guild parties have bought back and do not want or are too dangerous to be allowed out. Some of the artefacts are inactive planar travel items that seem like they might do something interesting someday...
  • In some places on some worlds the planes intersect creating paths between the two worlds. Some of these are stable, others move or come and go.
  • Inter-planar portals can occur naturally due to the movement of planes, mana fluxes and storms, and alignment of the stars.
  • Inter-planar portals do not occur naturally they are always caused by powerful mortals, immortals, or gods, many of whom work in mysterious ways.
  • Portals can be anything from a dark doorway in a forgotten ruin to a distorted patch in the air or water, doors large and small, shimmers, whirlpools, rips in reality, walls of mist, teleporting trees, pools of water, and holes in the ground.
  • Often portals are mirrors, paintings, tapestries, or furniture made of unusal materials.
  • Some portals will swallow whole ships others need to be crawled though.
  • Some require ritual actions and words to activate, others just work when you pass though or touch them.
  • A magic tree in a forest of trees can go unnoticed for years, some old painting from a lords attic can be rediscovered, or some times portals just appear without explanation.
  • Some may only appear under a full or new moon requiring someone to be around at the right time to see it.
  • Others have recently been uncovered by floods, landslides or new excavations.
  • Mists are a commonly recurring theme in planar travel, and any area of dense fog or mist should be treated with suspicion.

Specific Portals

  • There is a tree in the copse outside the guild with various runes carved on it. Touching particular sequences of runes lead to various rune portals on Grobbenbonk's network. A number of guild members (including Sasha and Ithilmor) know a sequence or two.
  • The slow portal to Bergelfen is a path through some mists. Travellers occasionally report seeing other things off the path. One group reported walking off the path and using a special item/ability to follow new paths to another plane. Mostly people that wander into the mists never return.
  • The Elven Portals used to connect different parts of Alusia and even some other worlds on our plane. Most of them don't work, but some are starting to show signs of activity, but they're a bit erratic. Experimentation with powerful mana sources and the portals could have any sort of effect.
  • There is a large Dark Sphere in a section of the sewers beneath old Seagate. At midnight it changes into a portal to another plane. The plane it goes to at midnight is a very nasty place that has a strong guild warning about avoiding it. Nobody has spent the time checking yet, but it may turn into a portal to other places at midday, dawn, or dusk. Just don't get your timing wrong going through it.
  • At some times near the town of Slippery Rock mists rise and travellers disappear. Reports from guild parties claim that the mists lead to the Shadowlands and possibly other destinations; even less desirable.