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(For information on the Inquisition in Western Alusia see Inquisition (Western Church))

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The Republican Wars were a result of Man's greed for power and the Powers' lust for control over mankind. Towards the end of the Lunar Republic many members of the Senate, Governors and Legion Commanders were pacted to various powers; demons, elohim, other gods. The battles that raged following the breakdown of the delicate balance that held these factions in check were fierce. They all but laid waste to the population of central Alusia. Following the restoration of order by the First Emperor, he created a body of men charged with, and capable of, denying influences on the Empire from creatures from beyond this world.

This group of people has become known as the Inquisition. In reality, it is a slightly more diverse group and the Inquisitors are but its most public face.

The Inquisition is charged with the defence of the Empire from all spiritual beings and 'The Pacted'. They follow the Emperor's decree: ‘Death to the demon and its unclean ally’. They have tended to focus on those in positions of power, due to low numbers and the general perception that kind of corruption starts at the top. It tends to be that they are more concerned with demons, rogue gods and their servants, but they do also take an interest in any other threat to the Empire.

They also maintain the glow line throughout the Empire. Close to 1,980 Inquisitors are responsible for the protection of the glow lines. The full number of Inquisitors would normally be closer to 3,400 people, but the Emperor has not appointed any new members to replace falling numbers, and this has continued for many years. The budget of the Inquisition has been reduced over many decades and now is a tenth of what it once was. However rumours abound that have some basis in fact; the Inquisition has powerful items and magics hidden away in vaults across the Empire.

The main areas of activity are:
Lunar City, Parthais City, Tycho City, Cognitam City and the Gargoyle Mountains.

Of these areas, all but Lunar City are outside the 'glow line's.

There are three main divisions in the ranks:

  • Inquisition itself, the most public face of this group, usually involved in tracking down trouble and attempting to deal with it (~1800 members).
  • Justicars, who are a mix between administrators, interpreters of law, keepers of knowledge and makers of policy (~100 members).
  • Retributors, the military wing of the inquisition whose members get called in when things go seriously wrong (~80 members).

The Retributors of the Inquisition (known sometimes as the Elite Guard) are quartered in Cognitam City, and enjoy the full support of the Imperial Legions there. Members are often Mind Mages and/or Namers. They enjoy having a dozen Storm Giants in their ranks. They have over a dozen griffon riders in Cognitam City and two flying ships available for use.

The Inquisition has an amicable working relationship with Transport and High Travel, and are able to use their portals and gates at will.