Inland Sea

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Inland Sea

<-- Lunar Empire
It is the westen edge of the Lunar Empire. A large fresh water sea. Wilds and the Sea of Grass on the west and northern shores. The Inland Sea is outside the protection of the glow lines. To the east of the Inland Sea is Carmania Province

On an Island within the sea is a powerful Greater Summoner that is enemies with the Inquisition. He lives in an Island fortress that is made of what looks like solid cold iron. He has 30 to 40 Imps and Succubi serving him. He is in an alliance with powerful creatures living in the Gargoyle Mountains to the east.

Khatovar City is located outside the Lunar Empire on the western shore of the Inland Sea. It is a city of note, with odd properties which make it a location of the trade of information for people from within the Lunar Empire.


The greater summoner living on the eastern border of the sea only has a handful of succubi but controls numerous avians that live in his castles (which has cold iron floors) and in the nearby hills, including a roc, and many harpies.