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An ancient dragon of the second generation, daughter of Sin and Ningal, sister of Eriskigal , and formerly the wife of Dumuzi.

Her powers lie in opposites and pairs of contending ideas, and she is called the Lady of the Thousand Offices.

After the fall of Baal, Inanna left Alusia along with the other ancient dragons, and with them helped create their refuge of solace: Draconia.

When most of the ancient ones finally gave up their forms and joined in the spirit graal she remained in flesh as its guardian, until she was met by the Guild party tracing the lost dragons and travelled with them back to Alusia bearing the graal.

After the dragons in the graal inhabited the statues in the temple of Xanadu, and subsequently left Alusia (and the mortal realms) along with the returned Baal, Inanna vanished along with the presumably now empty device. Her present whereabouts are unknown.

In humanoid form Inanna is winged, stands about 6'6" with tanned skin and long straight golden hair, and wore gilded armour and a white robe.