In Her Majesty's Somewhat Secret Service

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: In Her Majesty's Somewhat Secret Service
GM: William Dymock
Session: Winter 808 wk
Night: Mostly Tuesdays - Nights shall be rather random due to erratic work schedule
Level: Extreme
Location: Chez Ellis, 34 Heretaunga Ave, Onehunga

  • Isil Eth - played by Ian Wood
  • Silverfoam - played by Michael Parkinson (Mil Sci)
  • Naden - played by Michael Young
  • Sabrina - played by Dean Ellis (Party Leader) Suppose I better move to the frontline :-)
  • Amelia - played by Rosemary Mansfield (Secondary Mil Sci)
  • Bleyze - played by Craig Harper
  • Axis - played by Greg Graydon

Scribe will be per session rotation starting in alphabetical order from Amelia

Her Majesty's Privy Councillor, Maristal
Alfhiem is a beautiful, utopian pardise where elves happily spend their years in idyllic pursuits. Life is perfect, serene and untroubled by the maladies that plague other lands. As a result, the adventurers are hired to see that this happy state of affairs is seen to be continuing.
Pay will be 30,000 each (payable in items or gold) and paid out of the Privy Purse (which still has some small change for these little tasks). Our employer's expectation that we will be able to solve all of Alfheim's problems in 3 days is gently refuted.

Scribe Notes

1st of Frost 808 Introduction

We organise guild contracts and set the

1st Rule: No Smoking in the Elven Court.

A discussion on the current affairs in Alfheim indicates that the party recently in Alfheim, discovered a curse of apathy on all those resident within its borders, probably set by Savnok - Marquis of Corruption. However the written information seemed unclear. They also have bought the province of Lalhaudh and Lucius (as Lord Protector) to the active attention of the Court.

We then visit the Alfheim Embassy to discuss the contract. We note a force of Elvandar camped in the grounds. The meeting is held during a informal and energetic party.

Maristal says that there are a large number of issues facing Alfheim, and he believes that the most important issue is that they have no money because no-one is paying their taxes. He suggests that we should "take tea with the Queen" and spends some time describing the tax situation, and some of the other issues he sees as needing action.

Unpaid Taxes
  • The land taxes from each province are due every decade, but haven't been paid by most for hundreds of years. The only exceptions are the Elven Isles (3 provinces) which has paid once in the last century, and Lalhaudh which paid last quarter.
  • Receiving taxes is the responsibility of the Most High Minister of the Counts, Basan.
  • There are twenty-four provinces in Alfheim and three in the Elven Isles. The taxes are set at 50,000 sp, this figure has not changed for millennia (and we suspect wouldn't pay for the Queen's pocket handkerchiefs).
  • Each province has an excuse for not paying the taxes, e.g.
    • Nagarine cults, demon worshipers.
    • a dragon,
    • swarms of halflings causing agricultural disaster,
    • giant beast men being lead by undead,
    • there was a rumour that one of the excuses is "wild daffodils", but this wasn't mentioned by Maristal as a concern of his.
  • One of the Elvandar provinces have sent troops in lieu of taxes, but they have previously requested not to do so.
  • Maristal thinks it is especially important that all the provinces are seen to pay taxes this decade, because there is an unfortunate precedent set by the last time Lalhaudh was the only province to pay. In that instance shortly there after the Lord Protector of Lalhaudh removed the Queen's head. As Lalhaudh currently has a Lord Protector again; Maristal does not want history to repeat itself.
Other Issues
  • Lake Eidolon is bubbling (in patches) for no natural reason
  • There is a movement agitating for the Queen of abdicate in favour of her heir the Princess
  • A deputation from the Sword World ([Calamar]) was murdered at Court; and they don't know how it was done.
  • The Beltan Elves have made demands of the crown: 12 flying ships, 18 nexus stones, and a fae ring for Elfenburg (aka Bergelfen). (we note that the University in Teranova probably has spare parts for flying ships).
  • and the various issues used as excuses for not paying taxes.

Maristal says the Queen may have other priorities and we should present ourselves to the Master of Ceremonies in Eidolon to arrange Tea.

We ask for an introduction to Basan, but this is refused with gentle hints that the Most High Minister and the Privy Councillor are in competition, and the former will probably not freely assist us.

We return to the Guild to organise travelling, with a tentative plan:

  • to go via Elfenburg and talk to the Beltan Elves
  • then to travel to Eidolon (probably flying) and visit the Queen.
  • we can probably use the unpaid taxes as an excuse to poke around the provinces asking nosy questions, but we need a writ or such.

We receive an invitation to dinner, followed by hunting, from Lady Nimue, who is the Lady of one of the Elvandar provinces. We meet her in one of Seagate's nicer restaurants.

Lady Nimue is visiting her cousin Carreanne, who is a guild member. Her company is booked on the slow portal to Elfenburg in the morning, as they are going to Eidolon. Lady Nimue is sending troops as taxes as she is highly concerned at the incursions into Alfheim that she feels are not being addressed forcefully enough. She offers us their escort to Elfenburg or further. As they will take several weeks to march from Elfenburg to Eidolon we accept only to the first.

The evenings hunting is with the Lady and a few of her attendants. As they are part of the Wild Hunt we arrange with the Seagate Guard to target a know nest of undead beyond the border.

2nd of Frost 808 Elfenberg

We caught the slow portal to Elfenberg. With a company of 150 Elvandar troops as escort nothing untoward happened.

On arrival at Elfenburg we visited the embassy. It was undergoing repairs after the attempted surgical strike by the Calamar. A bunch of Beltan workmen were being very industrious. They had cleared out the last five centuries accumulated bric-a-brac and were recreating the killing zones and arcs of fire so beloved of the Beltan elves. They are looking to put in a new fairy ring which will hopefully brighten the place up a bit. They have repainted the embassy in very austere colours. Its very drab and makes it look a bit dwarvish. We may need to add redecorating the embassy to our list of tasks.

Isil Eth seemed quite put out by the modifications to the embassy but it is one of her houses. She lives in the attic. A very modest 4 floors which the workmen hadn't quite reached. We briefly discussed warding the place against the workmen.

We were heralded up the stairs by Amelia (like sheep) and presented before Force Commander Ellia of the Beltan. He is the head architect, decorator and colour consultant. He is a bit miffed that he has been relegated to this rural backwater to create hospitals, staging areas and fire up recruitment. He would rather be in the front line in Ruska in the Beltans war against the Calamar.

The Beltan elves want 6 ships, not 12 as previously quoted and they want to set up a series of Nexus stones to stop portals and summonings, Real time clocks so that no one is ever late and Fairy rings to stop multi-dimensional beings.

They are stressing the importance of the Calamar war as if its a good thing that Alfheim needs to be involved in.

In the Afternoon we went to see Aubrey the treasurer of Alfheim. Amelia had to do some urgent herb shopping and was last seen travelling rapidly away from the party. Aubrey was very upset about the dissappearance of the Chalice of Kwallier and appeared to blame the hobbits. Normally he would be right but this time it was the Calamar. Unfortunatley we were there when he caught a few hobbits and shook them down to see how much missing silver ware they had. We didn't know if healing them would be considered aiding and abetting.

2nd of Frost 808 MMH and Borovia

We detoured to MMH so that Isil Eth could pick up a few dresses. The rest of us took the opportunity to get something more courtly than field plate and hand and halves as well. Then a quick port to Borovia for Silverfoam to pick up a boat to sailing to Eidelon.

3rd of Frost 808 Eidelon

In Eidelon we bumped into Isil Eth's father, The Warden of the Southern Marches.

He was quite put out at being recalled to Eidelon because of the recent attacks. It had spoiled a year of fishing. He's looking forward to retirement now that the Beltan are taking over the military and is hoping to get pensioned off soon. He appears to have succumbed to Savnoks curse. He mentions that while he has been recalled to Eidelon the Elvandar want the Warden of the Eastern marches and the guard withdrawn from the East and that hasn't happened. We convinced him to stay at his post and encourage the Eastern Warden to do like wise with his guard.

some time later

We had tea with Aunty. As we spoke the city came under attack, so we rushed to defend the court. Nasty things are phasing in and out and killing courtiers as they looked for the Stone of Rulership. A Nasty slit the throat of a courtier and began a ritual, whereon Amelia sured the dying courtier and the Nasty became stunned. Blyze charged and killed a fire Elemental! We got outside in time to see a large pillar of basalt disappear into the void. Interogating a captured Nasty we learn that Mousy, a Red Dragon, wanted the Stone and that the bassalt collumn as a transport ship for the Nasties. Mousy had told a story: When the lake befins to boil The one on the throne will loose their head. So Mousy wanted the Stone taken from Aunty's head (where it normally is) and also wanted one of the infernal engines that holds the city in the air. I did not know we used magic to hold this city up, I just thought it floated. This is far to simple to be an astrology reading. The Nasties were also told to look for Shool a Greater Summoner who talks to powers and knows many things. We were also told:

  • Watch for Old Masters = Calamar?
  • Cold = farm (bury undergound and they will grow large and can be mined after many years) crystals for their spires
  • Hot = seed field for foods

There are 15,000 Nasties There are 25,000 Calamar all up.

Continuing our interupted Tea, Aunty would like us to rally the provinces to kill the miscreants. We got permission to visit her at any time.

Discussions Coincidence?

  1. An attack - opportune?
  2. A prophecy, which were two lines of common sense gibberish
  3. Mousy pointed them here: is Mousy a big threat?
  4. Red Dragon in provinces. = Mousy?
  5. Beltans know what defences should be in the city and these Nasties weakened those defences that are there
  6. Rallying the provinces
    1. Elven Apathy?
    2. Could the provinces see the weak capital as an opportunity to secede?
  7. Provinces claim they cannot cope
  8. Curse from a Demon - can we remove it? Big S? What happens if the curse is removed? How old is the curse?
  9. Beltan want to restore some of the old lore
  10. City shook 4 seconds after Aunty said "Big S's" name
  11. Elvandar elves want retrospection
  12. The Nasties took on their Basalt Pillar some people, pretties (=defences?) and support magics

some options

  1. Curse
  2. Mountain
  3. A province
  4. The greater summoner
  5. Research ELves and their status
  6. Restoration of Defences of Eidolon
  7. Talk to Unseelie Elves

<Five> <Six> Seven! go wild in Munsterland

Isil Eth was off doing royal stuff, Bleyze was off polishing his knuckle bones and Axis just stepped out I suspect to shag that silver dragon we met earlier. The rest of us (Sabrina, Amelia, Silverfoam, Ajax and Naden) decided that we weren't quite up to slaying a dragon with half the party AWOL so we would investigate the Nagarine cults up north. We decided to disguise ourselves as a traveling Troubadour group as we all had some skills in this area. So we purchased 5 invested illusionist scrolls (to disguise Sabrina) for 6 Royals and hired a barge for the journey north.

We spent a week traveling north up the canals. stopping off to do a show at various towns long the way and gather local information. We learn that Munster is a province where much of Alfheim's heavy industry is located with mining in the eastern hills. Hazards, include Goblins, Gibbons and a certain red dragon we were trying to avoid who roams east of Koln in the foothills and mountains. He taxes travelers and miners but isn't found near the river much. We met the local sheriff, a staunch chap by the name of Lord Caldyr who agreed to accompany us against a village of Nagarine cultists that he hadn't been able to wipe out in the area.

We leave that night on Silverfoam's ship with Lord Caldyr and 9 of his friends. The ground is heavily snow covered making the approach to the village difficult. Amelia scouts the area in her bird form and finds 2 guards on each of two gates and 2 wandering guards. She narrowly avoids some tame gryphon's(?). We also determine there is some powerful pattern/effect, protecting the village which is pacted to Seir, The Willing Prince. We decide to just sail the ship straight over the front gate so we can disembark at the entrance to the long house. After a few pre-combat spells and rituals, Ajax kicks the front door in and we clear the long house quickly apart from a couple of elves who ran out the far exits and two children we take captive. Approximately a dozen elves and two devils are dispatched.

Fortunately everyone (Bleyze, Isil Eth and Axis) turned up in the event and we found an underground place of horror. The demon prince Big S had created a type of creche, similar to the Calamar, but here people seemed to be drawn into a writhing mass of sentients, cruelly morphed with limbs and torsos all interwoven. The cult could force the cursed mass to spit out some sort of flesh golem's. We killed the creatures protecting it and then Sabrina turned the entire mass to stone to be dealt with later.(After divination we determined there was nothing we could do for the unfortunates trapped. We changed the horror into straw, blessed it and burnt it. Seemed to stop the screaming of the inhabitants, so that was good). There where two exits from the chamber. One lead to a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air, the other lead to a prison of sorts where 20 assorted women were fused into the floor while being tormented by Imps (who wisely fled). The women had been ravished by assorted demonic beings and were all now pregnant with foul campion offspring. Silverfoam was able to abort all of the cursed offspring and we freed all but one of the women (she had been slain when the fetus had erupted from her body on our first approach) who were being used in a satanic rite and Isil Eth called on Manwe, Varda and Yavanna to bless them and cure their futures (ease memories and so on). A bit of a Sacrifice but worth it.

We cleared the rest of the village, divinated, looted etc (fortunately Sabrina had sealed the area so Big S et al were kept at some distance while we tidied up).

Off we went to do battle with Big S, whose companions included two rocs, three daemons, a air elemental and some others. Sabrina and Naden destroyed the daemons in close combat while we took on the rocs. Mental Attack seemed to work on one roc and Agony did for the other. Axis and Silverfoam banished the Air Elemental after it tenderized Naden a bit. Big S then took hold of Blyze and teleported with him to the bottom of a deep lake, abandoning him there. Sabrina prevented his twinkling eye so he went for Isil Eth after instantly resurrecting the slain roc. However she struck him with her Royal Rapier in her iconic hand (blessed relic) and destroyed him - for three months.

Naden charmed the remaining roc as a pet. Anyone have some spare Hippopotamus as food for a cute pet? It turns out that you can prevent Seir from teleporting away with you with an amulet made from the eyelash's of virgins, but of course we didn't have any, but we should get hold of some for next time.

Lord Caldyr gave us a letter to his wife, the countess ??? who is resident in Eidolon.

So we went to Eidonlon, via the lake to get Blyze who had almost walked out. He had found a (dead) saint/knight of St Michael, so he took his sword and holy symbol(dagger) as identifiers.

Eidolon 2

We breifed Aunty, spoke with the head of the Beltans (who will owe me a favour if we go to the west and bless an area) and with the Countess (who does owe me a favour). (one of the women we rescued was her cousin).

An academician, Tangleweed, had been investigating the curse and it's effects. He alterted us to the existance of eight foci which maybe places or probably artifacts. These are scattered throughout the empire. He gave us a bunch of research to help us locate these.

He also advised that the Elven peoples are declining in number, as we never replace those lost in tragedies. He surmised the race is doomed, possibly in the next few centuries. The only times the birth rate has increased was in rare instances of the Spring Rites of the Elder Gods. He thinks that if the Spring Rites were held thoughout Alfheim for a decade then the birth rate would rise enough to increase the population.


On about the 11th swe identified that the daffodils were not related to curse but a "blessing" from Sharmanez (elven trickster god). Amelia solved the daffodil problem.

We locate the priest of Sharmenez who has been spreading the daffodils and have words with him. The daffodils have been growing in the area for 100's of years and the impact of them has waxed and waned a number of times. This time is has just got completely out of hand. He tells us a few other useful things:

  • Sharmenez can teach any language
  • This priest knows how to build nexus stones
  • He tells us how to find the Wizards Tower of Mythalagos
  • He says that the eldar gods are tired and want to retire. (Isil Eth suggests we find an honorable way for their followers to transfer to newer gods and a way for the gods to retire gracefully. after all, what does a disgruntled god become? Demon? 72 are enough already.)

He gives us a "counter-name" for the daffodils that takes them completely out of existence. Silverfoam saying the name clears about 50' diametre of daffodils, but namers hear a large bell tone. We've been advised that namers are aware that something has been "un-named".

Finding the Fergensee Foci

We locate the Wizards tower where the black mage Mythalagos and the Queen of the Dryads have been cursed to be deeply in love with each other. Mythalagos is pacted to Palamides, but the foci for the Alfheim Curse is found in a long buried temple to Bune under the tower.

Everyone who touches or enters the tower becomes geased to "not rescue the queen". The local village is made up almost entirely of ex-adventures / mercenaries who have been caught in the geas and have worked out cunning ways of preventing allies of Mythalagos rescuing him. The baker, who used to be a bounty hunter/assassin is particually helpful.

We decide to break the love pact, making an ally of the Queen. Amelia gets caught in the geas for a while but a discrete sleep spell prevents unfortunate consequences.

Episode the 10th

The party removed over 100 miles so that the Greater Curse could be removed without interruption.  But we were tracked down by the bounty-hunter/baker/assassin … who offered us congratulations & fresh muffins.

Resolved: that the sub-committee/party will give the evil wizard (known as Mythallaghos) to the villagers to dispose of, given that they have tendered to soul-trap his spirit in its decaying body.  Carried unanimously.

Speaking of soul-trapping, the Dryad Queen turned down Naden’s marriage offer as she would rather marry a troll.  On returning to the wizard’s tower, we confirm the Geas is gone.  We breach the space under the hill: ambiance is also creepy & oppressive & also drains 1 pt per pulse.  So Naden instantly divinates the altar (very impressive).  It hold the tormented spirits of two elves sacrificed by Bune cultists. The altar is confirmed to be one of the focuses of the Curse.  Isil Eth releases the spirits & the altar crumbles.

Party proceeds to gut tower (especially its wine-cellar): alembics, books, booze, golems, a few tons of masonry, … the usual looting.  Many locals are preparing to leave, now that they are no longer Geased.  We offer the baker a lift & take the Dryad Queen with us. 

13th of Frost-ish

After quickly getting Aunty-approval, we visit Lady Fangbreaker to get permission to attempt to cure the death-crater in her land, which lie within Elvander territory.  Apparently the trees within a mile or so of the crater’s edge are “sickening”.  Permission granted.  According to mythology the area was (Before Crater) a sacred site.

The crater is about 500’ wide & moderately deep.  It has a dark glassy surface; the centre has a death-aura & is demon-tainted (Malthus).  Isil Eth goes into a trance to confirm that it is correct to purify the place.  She learns the history:  It was where some of the younger gods first beheld the world & a temple was consecrated there.  The demons were jealous & Malthus rained down destruction. 
I.E.’s consecration weakens the taint but does not banish it.  Naden speaks to spirits (Elwe & Maurhyn) who are impressed with the rapidity of our response to their attack — “Did you see what hit us?”  After touching the ceremonial pick to glass, IE MolRecs the glassy slag to air & we eventually uncover an object.  Divination reveals it is Kyanite (the same stuff that powered the Dark circle), which was forged by Malthus into a spearhead for the express purpose of destroying the holy site.  Wielder gains Death-aspect, but must slay at least one sentient per day.  Those whom it slays enter a moment of timeless twilight & their souls are detained indefinitely.  It is confirmed as one of the focuses of the Curse.
Although such items are traditionally stored in the guild vaults, we decide to destroy it.  Bleyse gets it red-hot, but it is undamaged, so SF suggests dowsing it in cold water.  This destroys the item & effect; the ensuing fine dust & slivers are carefully swept into several silk bags.

The Dryad Queen stays behind to re-pine.  And after a thanksgiving feast, we decide to return to the frozen north (Seir-beria?) to destroy the connection with that demon code-named Sally, after some basic preparations (cladding the wine-bottles).

Back to the Nagarine Village

Axis starts the usual subterranean Wiz-Eye search for the presumed Seirite artefact.  It does not appear to be buried under the expected place.  Silverfoam goes outside & looks directly up with his spyglass.  The item is a sigil of Seir “buried” in the air, far above normal flying height.  By various magical means most of the party goes up & confirms that fine wisps of cloud have been bound into an artefact that rains blessings on any Seirites dwelling below, but is also confirmed as one of the focuses of the Curse.  It is too big for use to handle, but after talking politely to the inhabitants of the elemental plane of air, we persuade them to bring the sigil down in contact with the Earth, which destroys it.  In thanks, Sabrina gave them a sword, Luftklinger.

Halflings and Rebels

Our next target is North Lisoene the 'rebel province'. We want an respectable excuse to nosy around so we head to it's neighbour, Erfurt, a non-tax paying province, rumoured to be over run with halflings.

There are a lot of halflings in small villages all over the plains of Erfurt. The youngsters looking for training head to the towns and join the elvish households. The elves have no need to do any manual labour and have a very high standard of living (approching that of the wealthy in the southern provinces).

The elves have long forgotten managing resources as there is always plenty, and the halflings have no provincial wide politics but manage each village individually. They have contacts across the continent as adventurous youngsters are encouraged to travel.

Elves are rare outside of the towns and the halflings consider the countryside theirs. Every 60 years or so they start up a new village to absorb the increasing population. It will take a few more centuries for this to impact other provinces. The ratio of halflings to elves is about 4:1.

Any spare 'wealth' generated by the industrious halflings is absorbed by improving civic infrastruce; roads, canals, public buildings. This summer they want to start an aqueduct.

The provincial accounts are a complete mess so Isil Eth loans them her father's chancellor to sort it out.

The halflings mostly forget that they are part of the Elven Empire, and there is not much cash in the culture so the whole tax thing gets overlooked. We arrange with the Lady and the mayors of the larger villages to have a new holiday "Erfurt's Birthday" where the province gives a birthday gift to the Queen. This allows the paying of taxes to fit easily into halfling culture (where holidays are keenly appreciated and birthdays are occasions to give things away).

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Best Death
  1. Silverfoam for his misdirection of Seir towards the orcs
  2. Silverfoam for finding Seir's airbourne curse
  3. Sabrina for actively resisting Seir's attempt to teleport her to the bottom of a lake


Isil Eth: So Alfhiem is beset by eight demons, a dragon AND daffoldils?

Axis to Naden: “Does this look necrotic to you?”

Isil Elth: “When are the Spring rites?” — Helpful elf: “In spring, Ma’am”

"Stowing Eight tons of slightly-used masonry with the rest of the loot -- this is so definitely an Ameila adventure"

Sabrina: But how do we get rid of the taint of 'Sally' [Seir]?" -- Bleyse: “Just burning enough villages should do it".

Hot and Not

  1. Demon Avatars going "pop" when you stab them
  2. Giant amonoids that are not calamar
  1. Demon Avatars taking you to the bottom of a lake

Reference Information


Maristal, Privy Councillor to Her Majesty, the Queen of Alfheim
Lady Nimue, lady of one of the Elvandar provinces of Alfheim
Diametris, an Illusionist of Alfheim with the investment ritual.
Lord Caldyr, a sheriff of Munster, one of the central northern provinces of Alfheim.

The Curse on Alfheim

The curse was originated with Savnok but is held in place with eight foci, each associated with a different demon.

The orginal conditions were that it would be lifted when the elves reunited; ie the Alfhiem elves and other splinter groups re-united with the drow.

Associations Known

Demon Location Focal Point & Notes
Savnok set the curse (we don't know if one of the foci is dedicated to him)
Foras Eidolon Queen's ring
Seir Far North Altar of Sier above one of the Nagarine cult villages
Malthus Elvandar Crater where temple to Manwe destroyed
Bune Fergensee Altar of Bune under the Mythalagos' Wizards Tower (association disguised as Mythalagos was pacted to Palimedes)
Leraje North Lisone Rebel Province
??? Lake District
??? The University


Two Handed Sword of Saint Cuthbert???- Ignores demonic defences. - Sabrina
Holy Symbol of Saint Cuthbert??? Stick it through the heart of a demon and he will be trapped there until its removed. - Naden
Amulet vs Demons - amulet that sheilds you from unwanted demonic attention

Preliminary Report on the Alfheim Daffodil Issue


Preliminary Report on the Alfheim Daffodil Issue
submitted by Amelia Pendragon.

Herbalist Paper on the Fergensee Daffodils
Narcissus Pseudo-narcissus var. Fergensee

Venenum recordationis gaudentis
Potion of Joyous Recollection

Standard Buffs

Long Term (on all the time)

Enchant Armour: Axis

  • Rank 20 +42 Def, +1 AP (Only required by Naden on request)

Fire Armour: Bleyze

  • Rank 20, 100 ablative points vs magical fire damage

Heat Shield: Bleyze

  • Rank xx, reduces damage from cold by xx

Fire Proofing: Bleyze

  • Protection vs normal fire

Short Term (pre combat stuff)

Quickness: Axis

  • Rank xx, Two actions, +10 IV, xx secs

Spectral Weapon: Naden

  • Rank 20 +21 SC, +7 Dmg, 25 minutes (specific weapon)

Counterspells: Silverfoam, Sabrina

  • Rank 6+, >48 MR, xx minutes (specific college)

Situational (may be in play)

Highlands Bonus: Amelia
only in effect when in a highlands terrain type

  • +10 DEF vs melee or missles
  • +10 INIT vs melee or missles
  • +10 Strike chance with melee weapons
  • +10 Perception

Senators Command Ring: Silverfoam
only in effect when in melee

  • +10 DEF
  • +10 Engaged IV
  • +10 Strike chance
  • Free Pass Action at end of Pulse

Mil Sci

Marching Order
   Amelia  Axis
Isil Eth  Silverfoam
   Naden Bleyze


this is not a complete list but just an indication of when we arrived some places and to calculate when we returned to Seagate.

Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Winter: Frost (7)
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting Seagate Dinner with Lady Nimue 2 travel to Bergelven 3 Eidolon 4 5 6
Moon3.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 Collecting Bleyze from Lake District 12 In Fergensee freeing the Dryad Queen 13
Moon0.jpg 14 Erfurt 15 16 North Lisoene 17 18 19 Searching Shemanine 20 Laughing God Hills
Moon1.jpg 21 Back to Shemanine 22 Eidolon then Lake District 23 24 Eidolon then Erlingen 25 Eidolon 26 27
Winter: Snow (8)
Moon2.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 Ceremony to Destroy the Queen's Ring 4
Moon3.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon0.jpg 12 13 Return to Seagate 14 15 Solstice 16 17 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 2nd DoC 21 3rd DoC 22 4th DoC 23 5th DoC 24 6th DoC 25 7th DoC
Moon2.jpg 26 8th DoC 27 9th DoC 28 10th DoC 29 11th DoC 30 Twelth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice (9)
Moon3.jpg 3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
Moon0.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon1.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon2.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30